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In Print

Catalyst In Depth

Catalyst In Depth

Published in February, April, June and October, our flagship print publication is a benefit of membership in Catalyst and is distributed free to local school council members. Browse our back issues to see this coverage online.

Catalyst In Brief

This two-page briefing paper pulls together key data, research and views on major issues.


Truancy has always been recognized as a risk factor for dropping out of high school. In the battle to prevent it, some educators and experts are shifting their attention to chronic absenteeism in...

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Teacher evaluation

Everyone has agreed for a long time that the kinds of checklists used throughout the country for teacher evaluation accomplish nothing. Teachers get a questionable rating—in Chicago, 91 percent...

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Reaching Black Boys

On virtually every measure of educational success, African-American male students trail behind their peers in Chicago Public Schools. Black boys score lowest on state achievement tests, are more...

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Chicago’s charter schools

Charter schools have been one of the most hotly debated school issues in Illinois since they emerged in the mid-1990s. President Barack Obama's support of them has raised the temperature even more...

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Online Publications

Catalyst Notebook
We post our news articles and a daily roundup of other local, state and education news in the Catalyst Notebook. 

We welcome guest essays and letters to the editor. For more information, contact Editor in Chief Lorraine Forte, whose letters from the editor also appear in this section. 

In Focus
This section features our top news, analyses and opinion pieces. 

Catalyst Calendar
Readers can add their own events by clicking on the submit button and filling out the form.

Our Policies

Correction Policy

Catalyst Chicago strives to be accurate, fair and complete in its coverage and corrects significant errors of fact.

If you see an error in print or online, please e-mail the Editor at or call (312) 673 3881.

Errors in print publications:

Catalyst will print a correction in the next print issue and in any PDF that may reside online.


In most cases, Catalyst will correct original copy and add an editor’s note saying that the article was updated to make a correction. 

In cases where a correction would require additional editing of the article, Catalyst will not alter the original copy but will add an editor’s note explaining the correction.

Catalyst will print letters to the editor challenging its articles.

Reprint Policy

Catalyst encourages reprints of its articles and does not charge a fee. However, it does have the following rules.

1. Requests should be made in writing (email is acceptable) and include the following information: The headline and date of the article to be reprinted, the name and nature of the publication or web site in which it will be reprinted, the circulation of the publication in which it will be reprinted and the reason for the reprint.

2. Any reprint should carry this credit: “This article first appeared in Catalyst Chicago, which can be found online at”

3. Any editing or trimming must be approved by Catalyst.

4. Catalyst holds only first rights to photos; arrangements for reprints must be made with the photographer.

5. A tear sheet or web link must be provided to Catalyst once the article/articles have been reprinted.

6. Publisher Linda Lenz is the contact for all reprinting requests, questions or concerns.

Comment Policy

Catalyst Chicago encourages our readers to leave comments and participate in dialogue on our stories. In doing so, please follow our “rules of the road” and keep the conversation civil and constructive.

Be open. We don’t require that you use your real name to post a comment. We understand the occasional desire for anonymity, given the politics of Chicago schools. But we encourage you to identify yourself and provide your affiliation. Doing so adds legitimacy to your comments and viewpoint.

No profanity or vulgarity. Comments will be deleted if they include obscene language, sexual innuendo, or attacks based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability status, gender or sexual orientation.

No personal attacks. Differences of opinion are par for the course and healthy debate is encouraged. However, comments that go beyond disagreement with another’s viewpoint, or with our reporting, to include personal attacks, will be removed. Comments that are potentially defamatory or libelous of another person will also be removed.

No posting of commercial or obscene material. Do not post material that solicits for funds, goods, or services, or is obscene or pornographic. Do not post links to such material.

Good writing helps your message. Please don’t write IN ALL CAPS. Online, it detracts from the substance of your comment. Correct grammar and proper spelling are appreciated.

Contact us. If you have a correction or a criticism of our coverage, the fastest way to reach us is by email at, with a subject line “Regarding Catalyst’s story on ____.”  We do read the comment threads, but not always immediately, and will occasionally respond. But commenting isn’t the most efficient way to get our attention.

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