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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

Parents rally against closings in Logan Square

As CPS prepares to start a second round of community meetings on Wednesday, hundreds of parents showed up to a community meeting Monday and voiced their opposition to school closings. Because of the large crowds being drawn for these community meetings, the one planned for Wednesday is being moved to a bigger location—House of Prayer Church of God in Christ, 3535 W. Roosevelt Road.

The parents and other supporters, including Chicago Teachers Union members, rallied against school closings at Logan Square Auditorium and then marched to the Fullerton Network meeting on closings at Armitage Baptist Church. 

They represented schools from Logan Square and Belmont Cragin, as well as Near North Side schools like Jenner and Manierre. Some grew agitated when security guards would only let in meeting attendees a handful at a time, but all were eventually let inside.

On Wednesday, CPS is expected to release a list of schools that could potentially be targeted for closure.


Photos by Jonathan Gibby


Janet Meegan wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Fulton Network

The Fulton Network had a hearing last night too. Hundreds of west side parents also showed up. It was respectful however, some of the staff sitting at the table looked bored when parents were talking. I hope they heard us and realized that parents in both the Fulton and Fullerton network do not approve of a plan to close neighborhood schools.

George N. Schmidt wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Real reporting on Fullerton hearing...

Why bother with "reports" like this, Catalyst? You might as well just continue getting your stories from Becky Carroll and the growing number of "Communications" people at CPS. But be sure you at least attribute your reporting accurately.

By this morning at Substance (, Drew Heiserman and Larry Duncan had provided thorough coverage of the Fullerton hearing -- and the nasty way in which CPS officials forced most people to wait in the cold to be "admitted" to a public meeting. Our reports includ photographs of the aldermen who came -- those who were booed, like "Proco Joe" Moreno (who bad mouthed the CTU during the strike; and those who have been supporting the community (like Scott Waguespak and Nick Sposato). Of, yes, and the thousand people who were there, demanding that CPS not destroy our schools. From tiny children to the veterans, the objections to this year's Hit List, and the lies going with it, are unanimous.

Now we're just waiting for the Fulton hearing report, with photographs. Disclosure: I'm editor at Substance and have been a CTU member most of my years since 1969, currently also a consultant at the union. Question: What union do the "progressives" who work for the Community Renewal Society's publications and other stuff belong to? Or is CRS, like the charter schools and those it's cuddly with in corporate power in Chicago, also anti-union?

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

There is a reason the staff

There is a reason the staff looks board. They don't care about what parents have to say.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

bored -- sorry.

bored -- sorry.

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