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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

Principal recruiting strategies touted

The $10 million Chicago Leadership Collaborative is training 75 principal candidates to be ready to take the helm at a school this fall. Yet CPS leadership is not quite sure how many job openings will be available.

After a large number of principals retired last year, Chief Talent Officer Alicia Winckler says it is hard for her to predict how many will be leaving this year. She noted that she will know more about principal vacancies once decisions are made about which schools will be closed.

With schools closing and more than 450 candidates already on the eligibility list, the need for new candidates might not be clear--- but this year, when 159 principals left because of an expiring early retirement program, 25 local school councils couldn’t find a principal they wanted to hire. Catalyst reported on the collaborative, first announced last year by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in its Fall 2012 issue of Catalyst In Depth.

On Wednesday, Winckler provided more information on the collaborative, one of five principal leadership initiatives touted Wednesday. The other four initiatives are new evaluations, mandated by the state and announced earlier this year; revamped support, including leadership development for new principals and targeted training for more experienced principals; a revamped eligibility process; and Principal Achievement Awards that will provide up to $20,000 for principals whose schools meet specific improvement criteria that are now tougher to achieve. Last October, Emanuel announced similar performance bonuses for 82 principals

Overall, the district’s goal is to have “strong and effective” principals in place at every school by the 2014-2015 school year.

A “day in the life” of a principal

Rather than take principals from a variety of training programs, the leadership collaborative is focusing on four and is meeting with them regularly to make sure that the programs and CPS are aligned. CPS expects 100 principals a year will be trained.

The new eligibility process will include undergoing a “day in the life” of a principal. In this mock environment, principals will not only be confronted with the standard duties of being a principal--such as meeting with staff and reviewing data--but also with the unexpected, such as handling an upset parent.

“We are really trying to mirror the complexity of being a principal,” Winckler says.

To show that they can work with communities, principals will have to lead mock LSC or parent meetings.

Winckler says that LSCs will be given some indication of the areas in which candidates performed well in the eligibility process and the areas in which they showed some weaknesses. Also, CPS officials are taking pains to get these candidates in front of LSCs, who ultimately still have the power to choose principals.

The candidates have been introduced to network chiefs, who work in tandem with local school councils, Winckler says. In the spring, the candidates also will be brought in to meet with LSCs.

In recent years, CPS has made it increasingly difficult to become eligible for the principalship. The district is also introducing new state-mandated evaluations that include student test scores as one component. On Wednesday, Winkler released a breakdown of how much each measure will count in principal evaluations. (See pdf below.)

The Fall 2013 issue of In Depth also includes profiles of two new principals: Chicago Vocational Principal Doug Maclin and Clemente Academy Principal Marcey Sorensen.


Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

how about taking care of the principals you already have

CPS central office is chasing away high quality principals--though that may be what CPS wants. There will be many who will get out--since no one, including BBB is listening to principals. Your memo do not motivate BBB and then our schools ahve to pay fot the ink, papaer adn person to make all the copies you want.
Get this--principals have to pay a few hundred $$ to go to the meeting to find out how they are going to be evaluated by CPS. That's how much CPS cares!
Not one area officer has come from a school at level 3 and made their school to level 1. Many 'chiefs' have no background in a chicago school and are only using their postion as a stepping stone. Some chiefs have never worked in a school as a principal of over 400 students--yet are in charge of the most overcrowded schools in the city.
These prep programs are only sending student principals to level one schools to learn about being a principal instead of level 2 or 3 schools where things are moving up--New principals will be shocked when they get into a level 3 school thinking that it will work the same as level one.
One programs have actors lead the mock sessions--waste of money

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago
Kenneth Wise wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Principal Evaluation

Principals have not to fear. After all; if they are doing their jobs they have nothing to worry about. Some of them didn't worry when they turned some of their teachers out to pasture; for no fault of their own. Now looks like those same Principals won't make it. What goes around; comes around.

Albert Logan wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Principal Evaluation

Many good veteran teachers lost their jobs at Cps under the wing of some Principals who were not fair (possibly making use of funds) on other things. It is a hard pill to absorb. Use to be the time when Principals were not in there doing the hiring and firing. The schools were a lot better. That is part of the problem. Now that Principals in Cps are hiring and firing teachers; the attention and time is on the teachers not the children. That wasted time watching teachers whom have already been taught; should be diverted to the students who haven't been taught. More Principals are going to run. A lot of them were in there just for the money; and enjoyed their ability to hire and fire. Walk around school all day with a little black book in their hand. Running around with video tapes; taping their teachers. Nothing else better to do; with a school on probation max. Now the tides are going to turn. Those Principals who have been unfair to veteran teachers are going to see how it feels to be let go. They will not make it either. They too will be unemployed. It is ashame how these schools are in such bad shape. Maximum probation status; and supposedly have high quality Principals. I don't think so. Those schools have been covering up. Parents did not know what status those schools were in. And didn't the LSC know the status of those schools when they were giving those Principals good ratings? With BBB new team in place; I see that Winkler and Carrol is making more working explanations down at 125 than just stamping their name on a piece of paper. Why were the 3 of them left? Their salaries are too high too. There need to be a cleaning there too. All of those Network Chiefs and workers are a waste of the taxpayers money. They need to be down sized too. Money can be saved there too. They make up in the thousands. And if the schools are going Charter; they should need fewer Network workers. This will help with the deficit. Networks were over these schools; out there roaming around in them; and they saw that there were no children in them. They saw the test data. They saw the schools on probation for many years. See where they have been just drawing a check too. Just going through the motions. If
BBB had not stopped this these children would have been losing out. Taxpayers would have been heating and lighting large buildings with not enough children in them to stay open. It is a good thing ISBE inquired about truancy. And dug a little deeper. Comes to find out; Principals were not telling the truth about their enrollment. They have been getting over on the Government like a fat rat. They have been getting money for children that does not even exist at schools. BBB did a thorough count and found out that Cps came up short of 100,000 children that Principals were getting money for. Taxpayers money. Now they have to right this problem. They had to go in and find a solution. Yes Principals need to be evaluated. Because there are some not so true ones out there. Yes' some of them will be howling. It is about time.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Mr. Logan, Judging by the

Mr. Logan,
Judging by the census data, the Trib reported that "from 2000 until 2010, total enrollment in the Chicago Public Schools system had dropped 8 percent to 402,681 students."

You are right, CPS at first had implied that it had lost a total of 100,000 students. But that is not true. It is more like 36,000. A big number, but not reason to close 100 or more schools and open 60 charters.

Also, the method that CPS uses to decide whether a school is crowded or not (called at capacity) is just plain wrong. It says that a class with 31 to 36 students in it is not overcrowded; it is just "efficient" they say. But we know that is overcrowded.

The network officers should have accurate information.

Northside wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago


Why is everyone so sweet on BBB? Words mean NOTHING...these new principals work under "transparency" but still hold favorites, favor vendors, reduce morale. I would actually say if CPS has "vetted" these principals, I would be scared......She comes from the same Connected class of Admins that have destroyed our lives. If she was so wonderful in Detroit and Cleveland why is she here.....I think we can assume one of two things

One she is under the thumb of Rahm (not good)

Two "ambitious" on her own.....

The jury is still out on her. I think any honest educator who took that position would quit once they realized what CPS is really doing….NOTHING….just closing schools and using big words like Transparency. Why would she even come here???

Teachers are now expected to KOW TOW to their principals. If you don’t the definition of KOW TOW look it up!! Not far from the truth! CPS is so naive...really......why don't they set up a number for teacher for complaints and concerns!! Not a tattle tale service, but a place where teachers can get some REAL SUPPORT. Not just lip service and expectation of total obedience.

Principals don't need a new hiring process, they need direct supervisors who actually watch them and take complaints from teachers. Teachers have NO OUTLET to complain about abusive principals other than Grievances....and we know where those lead. With the new REACH EVALUATION....forget it......We have been run around in so many circles by our principal. If she says jump, we say how high! I don’t know maybe it’s the networks who are calling the shots…but it’s BBB that’s is running them…so I hold her responsible…things have only gotten worse this year….even worse than Brizzard . Not fair to compare her to Huberman, because he was like the George Washington on UNKIND CEOs….

Sorry for the ramble….I am just a teacher in the trenches and I feel like the Russians are at the gates!!!

Northside wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

I'd like to start an unofficial Morale Survery.

If you had to say what the morale is at your school what would you say?DONT MENTION SCHOOL OR EVEN AREA...just your number.

0 is lowest morale 10 is high fairly run schools

I am about a 2 in my school.

George N. Schmidt wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Principals driven out by CPS sick day policy, etc.

Last year, when the Sun-Times and Andy Shaw's Bitter Governance Association hyperventilated like a bunch of nuns in a whore house over the ability of teachers and principals to accumulate sick days, both sanctimonious entities ignored the consequences of portraying the policy with such unrestrained lopsidedness...

And so, teachers and other union workers were able to retain SOME of their sick days (no longer ALL of them) and principals and others who were not under union contracts faced losing ALL of theirs.

The predictable result: Massive retirements, so people could cash out what they had EARNED. To remain on the job, some principals and others have risked losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now to the policy reasons, which Andy and the plutocracy's propaganda piece ignored:

The sick day policy was in place so that teachers and others would not utilize sick days in iffy cases. What we have this year is a situation where teachers are now facing a "use it or lose it" situation on personal business days, and the same (albeit long term) on sick days.

Once upon a time, Andy Shaw would at least have talked to a teacher or two before running off with some half-baked nonsense like the "Sick Day Scandal" story the Sun-Times and BGA went off on. Bev could have introduced him to a hundred teachers and a dozen principals, all of whom would have said BAD IDEA.

So now that BAD IDEA is policy, and CPS is fulminating about how it's going to create a new crop of even-better-you-better-believe-it-right now (!) principals.

Only a school system run by a bunch of refugees from Sears Holdings (Alicia Winckler) and similar corporate incubators could come up with such an unbroken streak of really bad policy ideas. But only with the support of Shaw and the Sun-Times do those ideas get "traction."

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

tired of the chief saying better get subs becasue teachrs are

taking days--why cant the chiefs and their highly paid 20-25 staff members go to their network schools and sub?

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Is it true that these learning principals can only learn in

level 1 schools? Big mistake. They should be placed in level 2 schools first. That is where you lern to become a principal.

George N. Schmidt wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

CPS needed "FACE managers" -- not teachers or subs...

Since last summer, CPS has slowly been expanding each of the "Network" offices, while claiming that schools have to double up classes, force oversized classes, and endure without substitutes. But every Network now has a FACE manager, most of whom are whey-faced non-teachers with no experience in the jobs that most of us do. Paid $60,000 a year or more, they are now being subsidized by Walmart to try and manipulate the focus groups (er., most recently "breakout sessions") aimed at destroying the schools through closing because of their fictitious "underutilization crisis" -- which runs along with that mendacious "billion dollar deficit."

Since summer, when they first proclaimed this latest claim of the "deficit" that isn't, and how poor they were, the top administrators at CPS have expanded administration in these areas, from ITS hacks and flacks to FACE fools and the doubling and tripling of "Chiefs Of Staff"...

The principals have to make a choice.

Either they bend their knees to the (mostly) outsider mercenaries who are hanging around for a year or two as "Chiefs of Schools" and other similar thingies...

Or they stand with their schools and teachers and join us in exposing, as many of them now do, the hypocrisy of the Emanuel and Byrd-Bennett administrations.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

face employees need to go visit homes and get kids in school

its ISAT time--these employees sit aroud or act as carry dogs while their chiefs are in disney florida.
BBB must have no power - face should be helping schools to get the children in schools. Even the Trib wrote about it and nothing done.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

So many respondents complain

So many respondents complain about principals, but have you stopped to think that there are many great principasl out there who support and care about their teachers! But there are some teachers out there that should not be in the classroom. They are incompetent, lazy and do not know how to teach, treat students, parents, colleagues disrespectfully and do not care about anything but their paycheck. Would you like your child taught by a teacher like that?

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago


Many do get a bad raps. True...but there are good and bad. Some teachers with 35 students are expected to teach all kids at all levels and get writen up for sitting down. I think principals and teachers should unite and show some good old passive resistance against the networks. Our principals acts like the networks word is divinely inspired. If cps treats its adults (teachers and principals and staff) ...are they really capable of caring about kids. I dontt think our network has even seen a child outside of a scholarship winner or a data sheet. Honestly...

I always say i can complain all i want but my words will never get a principal fired. But principals , under reach, will be blackballing teachers who are judged by impossible, capricious, and unsubstantiated standards if they continue to blindly follow rahm, bbb and her minions. This is where the hurt comes from. They must choose a side

Rosita Chatonda wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Some Skyway Network Principals

Last week when I spoke a the utilization hearing, I was tempted to say to a few of the Administrators in our community who have been harassing and attacking teachers for years, how ironic it was seeing them all begging for their jobs. It was hilarious. I was in the room with several principals that were nothing but rats. They acted like complete idiots on the job. No one measured up to their standards. The best teachers left their schools rather than work for such fools. Two of them were accused of physically abusing teachers and CPS still kept them employed. I think CPS wanted them to attack teachers, tear down the community, run all the decent teachers away so they could come in and say the school was not performing well.

What's really hilarious is that after the African Americans principals fired and attacked all the AA teachers, handing out E-3's and cautionary letters every time someone farted, they actually thought that CPS was going to let them be principals in schools where most of the teachers were white. They were so stupid and thought that if they ran their schools like a plantation abusing all the Black teachers , giving them the worst assignments and putting all the Whites, Hispanics and others in the best and safest jobs, somehow they would be spared. .I remember some of these "principals" used to give all the Black females the hardest jobs and penalize them when one of the children went off on them.Well I guess it didn't do them any good. This is a great " crabs in the barrel" Willie Lynch Black History Lesson. Everyone get's an A outstanding job! ALL I CAN SAY IS HA HA HA HA, THE CHICKENS HAVE REALLY COME HOME TO ROOST!

P.S. there are a few good ones and a few are friends of mine. I am talking about the rats and they know who they are! Good-BYE and Good Riddance!

George N. Schmidt wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

No transcripts of 'Hearings" so "Listening" claim is another lie

For years, it's been possible to get the transcripts of the hearings CPS has conducted when doing closings, turnarounds, and similar stuff. Not this year. The only information available on the CPS website from the "Network" hearings is the official CPS Power Point, which basically replicated the overall lies about "underutilization" and then brings those lies down to the "Network" level.

There may be 1,000 people at a hearing, and there may be 200 or more who want to speak, but only a handful are even getting to speak before the "FACE" team (funded by Walmart, you couldn't make this stuff up) tries to herd everyone into a "focus group" (er., breakout session) to be treated to the Power Point lies. Even there, of course, the script calls for the FACE and other officials to talk out the clock so that nobody gets heard except the official party line. Wednesday night, for example, while our main reporter for Substance (Sarah Chambers) was covering the big meeting for "Pilsen-Little Village," Todd Babbitz, the recently hired "Chief Transformation Officer" was showing his usual arrogant silliness by ordering that the Financial Secretary of the Chicago Teachers Union not be allowed to speak.

Not that there is a record anyway, but consider this:

Babbitz was hired to that newly created job (everyone now knows we needed a "Chief Transformation Officer" in CPS) last July at a salary of $195,000 per year by unanimous vote of the seven members of the Board of Education (after maybe discussing it in secret). Nobody can explain how we got Babbitz (or the idea of having a 'Chief Transformation Officer" who is paid enough to hire three full-time teachers), but that is only part of the joke (which is on us...).

By December, CPS was ready to hire another out-of-town white guy, Jack Eisey, to "incubate" stuff. I kid us not: Elsey is now the CPS "Chief Officer for Innovation and Incubation" at an annual salary almost as high as what they are paying Babbitz.


Let's not forget the official script, as far as the corporate media are concerned:

REPEAT AFTER ME EVERYONE: CPS has a "BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT!" Don't take my word for it. Just read the Tribune, Sun-Times, or Catalyst.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

why isn't BBB going to community meeetings on school closure

Paul Vallas would have beent here--why is she not?

Rosita Chatonda wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago


These meetings are a joke and a farce. I know Race To The Top has schools competing , I guess the non-educators have reduced the competition to a kind of Survivor show. Schools are coming one by one to defend themselves and beg for their schools.May the best one win. CPS officials sit in the back with scorecards writing and keeping... tabs on the presentations. Staff and parents resort to singing, chanting, drills, praying and begging for their schools. I saw a few of the Network "Chief" laughing. I felt sorry for the parents because they actually thought the CPS cares about their personal issues.I told them not to BEG, to use their power. They are the parents and CPS officials need their children to make their salaries. If parents could make the sacrifice like our ancestors did and strategically plan a massive boycott or walk out, that will get their attention. Think about the injustices perpetuated on minority communities and realize that begging, crying and pleading and basically humiliating yourself doesn't work with people who have no feelings. The decisions have already been made and by law they must have these forums. These forums remind me of the American IDOL competitions and in some cases it makes you think of the slaves who were paraded around on the auction block. I guess we'll find out who won March 31. Next they will probably televise these hearings and ask the public to vote on whose school should close. We all know the process is not credible, ethical or moral. Since 98 of the 100 schools are in the African American community, CPS is taking it's strongest stuff to what they perceive as the weakest community. Isn't that what BULLIES DO?

George N. Schmidt wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Bullies like "BBB" and hypocrites like the seven dwarfs

The farcical "Network" meetings have been designed to try and create a record that shows "support" for the closings. Every principal has been warning teachers and selected parents to "be nice."

Then at the hearings, Phil Hampton (whose pay was raised in December; they must have known he'd need more merc money for these jobs) and the "Chiefs of Schools" (most of whom never taught in Chicago) refuse to listen to everyone who wants to speak during the general meetings, first by trying to force everyone to ingest the latest Power Point obscenity from CPS, then by simply cutting everyone off.

Then, if they can get away with it, they herd as many people into rooms again, where they are force fed, like cattle in a feed lot, more Power Point, while being told to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP by a bunch of pasty-faced suits paid for by Wal-Mart.

The members of the Board of Education will then be told that there were "hearings" and that the "hearings" showed support for alleviating the "underutilization crisis" (what's a corporate school board in these years of reform without CRISIS, after CRISIS followed by CRISIS!!!!) AND THE BOARD WILL VOTE UNANIMOUSLY TO SCREW ANOTHER GROUP OF SCHOOLS. While at least two Board members coo about how they've planned everything so the screwing won't hurt too much.

The first time we heard this garbage was when Arne Duncan began spewing it in 2002 with his attacks on Williams, Dodge and Terrell. Every lie has been replicated and rehearsed ever since, only with the Duncan appointment to the U.S. Secretary of Education job, the lies have gone national. And so has the program of destroying urban public schools -- and the unions -- and replacing us with charter schools -- and anti-union.

The difference this year is as clear as those seas of red shirts and hoodies on Clark St. on September 10, 2012, the first day of the Chicago Teachers Strike of 2012. Leadership, organization, and a broad based coalition of parents, teachers, and students against the lies -- and the bullies who are pushing the lies.

Barbara Byrd Bennett has been dodging the hearings because she knows she only has to continue this part of her career for a couple of more months. She just finished up running the same garbage in Detroit, and when she's done with Chicago her masters will send her to another city to destroy, just as they sent Vallas to Philadelphia, then to New Orleans... Etc.

These men and women are just the mercenary hacks of empire. The fact that CPS is paying Byrd Bennett a quarter million dollars a year and paid her that $35,000 "relocation allowance" just shows why we have to have an elected school board.

Northside wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago


rosita white teachers get bad emails and write ups too...from hispanic, black, and white principals....dont fool yourserlf into making this so simple as racism. it's a my school i have seen 8 whites, 2 hipanics, and 1 black teacher fired by.... hispanic, black, and white principals

Rosita Chatonda wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Northside Teacher

I am not fooled at all . I am pretty sure that there are many abusive principals all over the city. However, every teacher needs to tell their story because I can only tell about my own experiences. I have no idea why people want me to talk about issues that I haven't experienced. My comments were related to a phenomenon experienced in African Americans schools where Black principals treat their own people much worse than they do others.Often trying to give the better positions and favors to people of other races. They feel if that this behavior is acceptable and somehow they will be rewarded by the "BOSS" if they do it. This is a concept rooted in self- hatred and a bi-product of slavery. These characteristics are described in detail in the Willie Lynch Theory. Minster Farrakhan delivered this letter describing how these behaviors are carried put in the modern day society at the Million Man March. . If you saw the movie Django. There was an excellent portrayal done by Samuel L Jackson. That is what I am referring to and that is is mentality that many African American principals possess. Another phenomenon is the "crabs in a barrel syndrome". where our people have been programmed to keep each other down. Look at the African Americans in positions of authority, even though they are aware of the devastation that closing schools will have on poor parents and their children, they will not stand up and protect the interest of their people.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Your suggestion that parents

Your suggestion that parents stage a boycott is excellent.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

This is a must-read article on what really works in education.
There is no emphasis on closing schools, firing teachers, excessive testing, or the military-style discipline in charters.

Chicagoans have to fight the corporate takeover of our public schools.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

Is our public education

Is our public education system still primarily concerned about educating future leaders of our society? Or is the corporate takeover of our public education system ultimately about commoditizing humans?

The explosion of excessive testing is of no benefit to and actually harms children. But standardized testing populate huge expansive databases creating a record of doubtful veracity that will follow the children and their teachers forever. These databases permit the emergence of a security and surveillance state.

Rosita Chatonda wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago


As a parent of four CPS graduates, I had to fight hard for quality education for my three sons and daughter. I realized that the parents are really the only ones not making money off of the children. They are in it for all the right reasons but many times are powerless in their attempts to be heard.
Public School Staff members are often intimidated by parents who speak out and shun them.
As a teacher, I found a happy medium. I could see thing from both perspectives. Therefore, I encourage parents to take back THEIR schools from the people who are here to make money off their children. Since public schools are paid for with tax payer money, parents should exert every once of energy to make sure that their is equity for their children. Parents can no longer beg and plead with CPS and Public school officials to do right by their communities. They must make them do right by organizing and even staging boycotts and walkouts if necessary. The attack on minority schools is happening because they know minority parents are afraid and feel powerless. Notice they are not jerking north side children around and have close 98% of schools in areas where parents have not organized. Our parent committee at CAUSE is educating parents on how to advocate effectively for their children.

George N. Schmidt wrote 1 year 47 weeks ago

UNO charters deliberately exclude African American children

As readers here know, one of the issues is that real public schools have been replaced with a kind of faux "choice" via the buildings being given away ($1 per year lease) to charter schools. One of the most notorious for its racism is UNO. Earlier this afternoon,, which I edit, received the following verified quote. As most readers know, unlike most outlets, Substance does not allow anonymous comments.

"UNO... Schools as a tool for political power

"As a former UNO employee, I can tell you that it is well known that UNO schools are mainly for Hispanics. The reason is purely practical. Juan Rangel stated at several staff meetings (shockingly and with no apparent squeamishness) that he is in the business of schools because schools are a means to political power. If you give someone's child a good education, they will be loyal to you. He wants to build a political base within the Hispanic community so that is where he opens schools and who he targets to attend them. It's not about providing quality education options, it is about building a political base.

"I worked at the one UNO school that did have a significant African American population, and it was a constant message to teachers that the black kids were bringing down our scores. African American students were routinely pushed out of the school. In fact an African American "dean" was employed for that specific purpose — convincing black parents that the school wasn't a good fit for their kid."

I am working on this story, which adds a great deal to the kind of corruption detailed a week ago in the Sun-Times story.

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