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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

In the News: Few academic gains from anti-poverty program

Ten to 15 years after leaving neighborhoods of concentrated poverty, children of the Moving to Opportunity program, which uses federal funds to help poor families move out of high-poverty neighborhoods, are in most ways no better off than their peers who stayed put, new findings from an ongoing study suggest, Education Week reports.

OOPS, WRONG LINK: A link to an erotic web site found its way into an email message to parents of CPS children from the schools chief about standardized test scores, the Sun-Times has learned. Instead of routing parents to the web site of the Illinois State Board of Education, the site featured at the bottom of Barbara Byrd-Bennett’s letter about test score changes features a cheeky error message and a sketch of a woman touching her lips: “Oops, someone has been naughty. But we’ll take care of her, we promise. Click here to go back.”

EMAIL ERROR: Chicagoist reports that it was alerted to the racy website and the embarrassing URL mistake by an anonymous tip it received.

CLOSING CONFIDENCE: Chicago Public Schools officials said Wednesday the district has the resources needed to close as many schools as deemed necessary. (Tribune)

FAIR PLAY: The Education Department says students with disabilities must be given a fair shot to play on a traditional sports team or have their own leagues. (Sun-Times)

COOPERATIVE SPIRIT: In a moment not often publicly seen, the Chicago Teachers Union acknowledged "CPS leadership" for its support of teacher professional development. The recognition came during what CTU described as an "emotional ceremony" celebrating 49 teachers who recently achieved National Board Certification. (

PAROCHIAL GROWTH: Enrollment in Chicago's Catholic schools has grown over the past three years. The Archdiocese of Chicago announced this week that the school system has seen an increase of 675 students during that period. (WBEZ)

HAZING CLOUD: Another soccer coach linked to hazing allegations on athletic teams at Maine West High School has been suspended without pay by the district while officials pursue his dismissal. (Tribune)

CATHOLIC SCHOOL CLOSINGS: The New York Roman Catholic Archdiocese announced Tuesday that it would close 22 elementary schools and 2 high schools, saying it could no longer afford to spend millions each year supporting schools that were not economically self-sufficient. (The New York Times)

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