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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

Comings & Goings: Jack, Menchaca de Cerda

Allison Jack is the new director of charter growth and support at the Illinois Network of Charter Schools.  Jack was formerly a senior program director for the EPIC National Charter School Consortium.  Before that, she was the director of external affairs at CPS’ Office of New Schools.

Alicia Menchaca de Cerda has been named vice president of development at SGA Youth & Family Services, replacing Leslie Inch, SGA’s former senior vice president.  Formerly Menchaca de Cerda was the director of corporate and foundation relations at Loyola University.  She was also a senior program officer at the McCormick Tribune Foundation. 

Katelyn Silva, the communication director at the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute is moving back to her hometown in Rhode Island to become communications director at the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education.  Taking over communication duties is Communications Manager Seong-Ah Cho.

The Chicago Math & Science Academy’s middle school robotics team, RoboMinds, won two trophies at the First Lego League Robotics Illinois Regional Tournament. The trophies were for the best robot performance and best robot design and programming. 

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 50 weeks ago

all these offices?

Yet in my 15 years at CPS I have never received a tip, a coach, a worksheet, or any help from any of these area offices. The only thing they all do is see if our NWEA scores go up. In fact ....we don't even get a text book anymore for our students?????????????

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