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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

In the News: D46 teachers go on strike

Teachers in Grayslake, Round Lake and other northern suburbs are going on strike this morning after they were unable to reach an agreement with Community Consolidated School District 46, the Tribune reports.

SUBPOENAS IN HAZING: Maine Township High School District 207 officials Tuesday morning confirmed the district has received subpoenas for documents from the Cook County state's attorney's office as part of its investigating into allegations of hazing at Maine West High School dating back to 2007. (Daily Herald)

ENERGIZING TEACHING: Teachers in Naperville Unit District 203 could have more defined career paths and compensation to match by the fall as part of Career 203, an initiative designed to energize teachers. (Trib Local)


GLOBAL GAP: The achievement gap between U.S. students and those from other nations on one global exam would narrow significantly if adjustments were made for social class. (Education Week)

ACCELERATED AND SEPARATED: At a New York City public school on the Upper West Side, the accelerated program is mostly white and middle class, unlike the rest of the school. (The New York Times)

TESTIMONY IN TEXAS: Government mandates hobble public school districts, making it more difficult for them to solve problems and implement new ideas, a school efficiency expert testified Tuesday at a lawsuit trial over Texas' education funding system. (San Antonio Express)

BOOKS ON PAPER: Children are embracing e-books by the millions, but most say they still would choose the printed version, according to Scholastic's biennial survey of children from 6-17 years old. (Education Week)

BUS DRIVERS WALK: New York City school bus drivers will walk off the job on Wednesday, their union announced Tuesday, after more than a year of strike threats. (Gotham Schools)

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Anonymous wrote 1 year 51 weeks ago


This strike is a tragedy. The board of education should resign and a realistic board should be put in place. I would like to see any member of this current board follow a teacher to see what teaching is really like.
We pay our professional athletes millions of dollars, while many of our teachers are struggling to pay their bills.
Teachers in GraysLake middle school are not there for the money - obviously. They are there for the love of children and teaching. They ae dedicated. But they have to support their families and pay their bills.
I am wondering - does anyone on this board have any background in education? Do they know what it is like to teach a roomful of children the math principles they will need to survive in the world?
I am shocked that the Board will not meet EVERY DAY until this is settled. Listen to the mediator. I also understand that the teachers accepted the mediators last proposal, but the Board did not. Why?

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