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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

In the News: Michelle Rhee under a harsh light

Former District of Columbia schools chancellor Michelle Rhee is coming under some withering criticism of late. In addition to her coming memoir getting panned, PBS' "Frontline" raises questions about test-score tampering under her administration.

Rhee's StudentsFirst group loses top Democrats, hires new president.  (Huffington Post)

Rhee has a new memoir, “Radical, Fighting to Keep Children First,” coming out soon and Washington Post reporter Bill Turque, who covered her tenure as D.C. schools chancellor, says the book is notable for what it's missing.

The Chicago Teachers Union issued a statement saying it supports all efforts to ban assault weapons in the state of Illinois. And the union encouraged elected officials, Board of Education leaders and policy experts to join gun control advocates in banning assault weapons in the state.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is blaming the teachers union for stalled talks on a new teacher evaluation system and expressed his anger on his radio show by comparing the United Federation of Teachers to the National Rifle Association. (The Washington Post)

In a report issued Monday, Michelle Rhee's group StudentsFirst ranks states based on how closely they follow the group’s platform, looking at policies related not only to tenure and evaluations but also to pensions and the governance of school districts. The group uses the classic academic grading system, awarding states A to F ratings. With no states receiving an A, two states receiving B-minuses and 12 states branded with an F, StudentsFirst would seem to be building a reputation as a harsh grader. (The New York Times)

Connecticut organizations are seeking to ensure that the Sandy Hook community has support now and in the future. (Education Week)


Rona Simmons wrote 2 years 5 days ago

Bully Principals ruin our schools: O.T. Bright Elementary

Michelle Rhee is just another public school big wig that bullies teachers and blames them for societal problems. A prime example of a homegrown bully is Chicago's worst bully principal: Millicent Clyburn. O.T. Bright is on the list of under-utilized schools and is subject to being closed. Already, the Annex which housed Pre-K, K, 1st, and 2nd grades has been SHUTTERED. Why? The principal: Millicent Clyburn (aka Millicent Robersone). Ever since Clyburn (Robersone) became principal, nearly 100% of the staff has quit or transferred --MANY TIMES OVER! Teachers mysteriously disappear by January. However, it's not much of a mystery. A clear pattern can be observed. (1) A brand new teacher is hired in the middle of the school year *Alarm bells should be ringing. New teachers have few protections under their union contract.* (2) Principal praises the new teacher while making negative comments about other staff members AT PUBLIC MEETINGS. (3) Principal changes directions constantly then blames staff for not reading her mind. (4) In late August when the teacher is setting up her room for the new school year, the principal orders the teacher to rearrange her classroom 3 or 4 times and tells the teacher "I'm concerned" (about the teacher's capabilities). (5) At the beginning of the new school year, the principal begins showing up at the classroom for unannounced "visits" where the principal orders the teacher to move desks, etc. IN THE MIDDLE OF LESSONS. *If the teacher calls the union, the CTU plays dumb and does nothing to help the teacher because the teacher does not have seniority. The union reps act as if they had not heard from dozens of Bright teachers before!* (6) The principal starts "meeting" with the teacher every day during recess, lunch, and/or after school for 3-hour "coaching sessions" during which the principal wastes time: checking emails, taking phone calls, and answering text messages then she screams at the teacher and tells her she is not following "best practices" for organizing her desk. (7) Teacher quits by early January so that the principal cannot use the E3 dismissal process to ruin the teacher's record.

This cycle applies to at least 7 teachers per school year at Bright. Plus, assistant principals leave every year by summer. My guess: AP's get tired of babysitting the principal and being called -the annoying ringing sound over the P.A. system- into the office every 30 minutes. Add to this: teachers get blamed when students steal, teachers get blamed when students fight, even if the teachers is not there and teachers have to participate in the after school program which is just babysitting kids while the principal screams at the teachers in front of the kids. No wonder parents can only count on the same 5 teachers to come back every year while the other 12 teachers plus the assistant principal quit or transfer EVERY YEAR. It pays to be Jesse Jackson's personal friend: $135,000 per year to bully teachers, ruin test scores and cause massive drops in enrollment.

Ajay Jain wrote 1 year 43 weeks ago

Michelle Rhee the famous former Chancellor of Washington DC Scho

Michelle Rhee - The famous former Washington DC School District Chancellor

Michelle Rhee on OPRAH

Michelle Rhee on abc's ThisWeek

Michelle Rhee on The DailyShow with Jon Stewart FRONTLINE: The Education of Michelle Rhee

Why Teach For America works - Michelle Rhee

A Two-Tier Proposal for Teacher Pay - Michelle Rhee

Time Magazine: Rhee Tackles Classroom Challenge,9171,1862444-2,00.html

Michelle Rhee Discusses "Waiting for Superman," Charter Schools And Sch...

Stanford University: A Conversation on "Waiting for Superman"

"Radical" Fighting to Put Students First should be a must read for all members! Michelle Rhee's new book, "RADICAL: Fighting to Put Students First," is now in stores! For more information about where you can find it, to read an excerpt from the book, and to share your story about education in America visit the official site at or

Michelle Rhee at the ACE 2011 Spring Luncheon

Michelle Rhee and Kevin Johnson (4/20/11)

Michelle A. Rhee 03.17.11

Cornell Alumni: Olin Lecture 2012: Michelle Rhee '92

Harvard Public Health: Michelle Rhee, Former Chancellor of Washington D.C. Public Schools

Geoffrey Canada - Conversations at KCTS 9
Geoffrey Canada interviewed by Julian Bond: Explorations in Black Leadership ...

"Waiting for Superman" the documentary and Bloomberg documentary "Risk Takers" Michelle Rhee should a required screening for all members. I saw them on Netflix and became an instant member of and Michelle Rhee follower.

"Won't Back down" the movie is another example to screen to all members.

Share the reasons you fight for education reform. Your story will inspire others to get involved. So tell us: Why are you working to put students first?

Check out today's blog by StudentsFirst staffer Charity Hallman, "One size fits all, or so they said," on The Fordham Institute's "Education Gadfly Daily: FLYPAPER" blog.

To view the Fordham study, "When Teachers Choose Pension Plans: The Florida Story," visit

Watch MAKER videos on StudentFirst Founder Michelle Rhee visit

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