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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

In the News: 3 teachers sue CPS for discrimination

Three Chicago Public Schools teachers who lost their jobs this year have filed a lawsuit saying that the district's process for "turnaround" schools is racially discriminatory because it targets West and South side campuses with a higher percentage of African-American teachers and staff, the Tribune reports.

The Sun-Times also has the lawsuit story, noting that Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman Marielle Sainvilus said in an email, “We have not seen the lawsuit and cannot provide comment until we have reviewed the allegations.”

Chicago’s Department of Public Health wants to bring mobile eye examinations to students in the city's public school system. Illinois state law requires annual vision screenings for many students in public, private and parochial schools, including Pre-K, kindergarten, second, eighth grade, and all special education students. (WBEZ)

Negotiating teams in West Chicago Elementary District 33 are scheduled to return to the bargaining table Jan. 3 and 4 — just days before teachers legally will be allowed to strike. (Daily Herald)

Two 36-year-old educators who are identical twins are sharing the job of principal at Oakland's Claremont Middle School this year. (The San Francisco Chronicle)

College students, who have often protested over cafeteria food, dorm life and tuition increases, have begun to object to collegiate marketing campaigns. (The New York Times)


Anonymous wrote 2 years 2 weeks ago

Loss of African American male teachers in CPS

Sad to see CPS is putting out the very teachers needed--male minority teachers

Anonymous wrote 2 years 2 weeks ago


Many caucasian teachers lost their jobs as a result of the reverse discrimination.Employees and Labor Relations unit is 96% black.

Ed Dziedzic wrote 2 years 2 weeks ago


What reverse discrimination was that? Do you have any evidence to back that up? I do not believe the percentage of white teachers in the system has gone down at all, unless you have some numbers to the contrary.

Ed Dziedzic wrote 2 years 2 weeks ago


The percentage of white teachers at CPS has actually gone UP since 2005 (47.3% to 49.7%.)

Anonymous wrote 2 years 2 weeks ago


The number of white teachers went up since 2005 (about 2%!).
It may be true but is not relevant. Please take under consideration,that ,for example,the AUSL hired only 2 white principals out of 19.
Please check with the EEOC regarding reverse discrimination cases.

Ed Dziedzic wrote 2 years 2 weeks ago


LOL! Please show one case of proven "reverse discrimination" in the CPS. And please stop changing your argument. First it was "caucasian teachers," then AUSL principals. What next, charter school lunchroom workers?

Anonymous wrote 2 years 2 weeks ago

LOL Discrimination

Check articles about Marshall or Orr and open your mind.
Happy New Year.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 2 weeks ago

Discrimination is a power thing

I have had personal experience with reverse discrimination Ed. Granted it is on a Micro rather than macro scale. However, our school's Hispanic principal a few years back said he wanted to get rid of "gringos"...and guess what...he did 5/6 layoffs were experienced "gringos" was sick.

Also, what about the lack of male teachers at CPS.

I know that AA have a much greater problem, but to say that discrimination is only a White "thing" is not true. In fact, saying that white people are the only ones who discriminate is actually a racist remark.

White students are often the minority in many schools. I have seen some pretty aweful things said against them and white teachers. Let's not live in a bubble.....discrimination is a power thing....and it can be abused on both sides!!

Why don't we focus on the real issue ....CPSm nor the USA don't care about the poor.....that is the simple lesson.

Todd King wrote 2 years 1 week ago

Lost Jobs

One sad things is how some new Principals out of greed to use their budget to fund technology; caused the loss of dedicated tenured teacher's jobs. Teachers losing their jobs over unsatisfactory ratings were a poor cop out for dollars. Many of those teachers were not unsatisfactory; but the name of the game was to just label them as unsatisfactory. Teacher dedication is a plus. And all it takes is for a Principal not correctly trained to mess up a career. But the reward is better. Not being fair will come back in the form of fairness. Teachers do deserve their jobs back. And most are in the minority neighborhoods. A career should not be wasted over a few thousand dollars.

Rosita Chatonda wrote 2 years 1 week ago


Veteran teachers of all races who working the African American community have been terminated. However, because so many African American teachers work in the AA community they have been impacted more than any other race. Basically bearing the brunt of REN 2010. The CTU is about 10 years late in filing this lawsuit which should have been filed in 2002 with the closing of Williams. Dodge and Terrell. When Karen Lewis was running for President of the CTU , I personally canvassed over 100 schools on the South Side to help CORE get elected on the weight that they would immediately address the dwindling number African American teachers fired and the closing of schools due to Turn-Arounds. Since CORE filed an EEOC charge of discrimination the day before the CTU election, I thought the CTU was ready to move on this initiative right away. Knowing the severity of the problem, . they decided to ignore the purge of AA teachers in spite of my constant insistence that some initiative be created. If the CTU had filed a Discrimination suit in 2010, formed a Black Teacher Caucus then, we probably would be much further ahead in our fight for equality and civil rights for all teachers.
Also, Can someone at the CTU explain why they waited so ling to file on the Turnarounds and how will this help teachers who are working at schools closing under the utilization policy in 2013?

Anonymous wrote 2 years 1 week ago


"Figures lie and liars figure" Old accounting joke.....Another reason for the drop in the number of African American teachers is the new self identification catagories. Some new teachers are self identifing as "mixed race" or "islander" intead of the old Caucasion, Latino, African American or Asian. It's a new world out there.

Rosita Chatonda wrote 2 years 1 week ago


I've been talking about Discrimination at CPS for years. I have been going to the BOE meeting for three years trying to expose discrimination in hiring. I filed an EEOC charge in 2009. That's when CPS sends out it's legion of attorneys" from the "LIE Department".

The alst 3 years I have been going to the BOE meetings. Everyone kept saying ,"that's all you talking about the firing of Black teachers". Now everyone gets it three years later.

Now I can move on to the next issue that CTU is afraid to address. The number of AA teachers terminated due to E-3's, unsatisfactory ratings and unsubstantiated charges. It appears that 65-70% are AA teachers. This is why the union keeps adding the phrase "Due to no fault of their own" when trying to get justice. So teachers who were lied on, told they were unsatisfactory after 30 years of excellent and superior ratings and teachers charged with some unsubstantiated charges have to wing it. Since CPS has been proven to be corrupt and a system that we cannot trust. Why then is the language of the CTU designed to protect the BOE by distancing itself from "BAD" teachers instead of teachers being given priority in terms of believability . CPS is a corrupt institution where discrimination is practiced in relationship to all categories of hiring and firing. CPS CANNOT BE TRUSTED! That's what the union should be saying instead of trying to avoid teachers who are victims of discrimination not due to "Turn- Arounds."

Anonymous wrote 2 years 1 week ago

Any teacher removed for E-3 or discipline is given due process

in the CPS system. They are entitled to and get CTU representation. CTU members get two hearings and can grieve to get another hearing. Yes, 3 hearings. Charges must be substantiated. E-3 process, (former) the teacher received a CTU approved consultant teacher. Documenting poor instruction or poor behavior is not discriminatory.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 1 week ago

CPS does not fund technollogy for schools,

does not give 1 position to schools for tech purposes, automatically takes funds from the school to pay for tech services. So what are principals to do when there is an excessive amount of required testing via technology? When student grades, attendance and data is accessible only via technology? Yet, at 125, technology needs are first rate. Blaming principals for this is wrong. And next budget year will be even worse.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 1 week ago

LOL Discrimination

It is why Rosita was f..up by her own union.It is a game and the race card is a part of.
The ideal principal was identified as a 30 or about yo lady, AA ,with no connection to the union and willing to do as asked.
The CTU is playing own game and Rosita and ohers have a roles to play.
Unions are destroyed by their own leaders who do not like to fight,but they like to make a money.
Happy New year and F U scabs.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 1 week ago


My only beef with new contract is that one principal can blackball you from cps for life. Just because you are not a good fit in one school or grade does not give one person the right to blackball you from cpss 400 other schools. All, for being a satisfactory teacher which is relative. That's why i voted nooooo......

Anonymous wrote 2 years 1 week ago


You will be blackballed not just from the CPS, no one in the whole State will accept you.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 1 week ago


And why didn't ctu fight this more. Rather pay more in insurance than have my future destroyed by vindictive principles. They don't even return my calls or emails.....i cant trust my union rep. He's friends with admin at my school

Anonymous wrote 2 years 1 week ago


Because our CTU leaders wants/wanted to :
1.Control own membership,
2.Satisfy the City government,
3.Ventilate anger and unhappiness by using a fake strike as a tool,
Open your minds,people.You voted for self destruction,so where is the problem?
You are done.

Rosita Chatonda wrote 2 years 1 week ago

Discrimination @CPS

Let me explain this to the people who support the current union leadership. Constant attacks on my character will only get you fewer votes for the next election. This union leadership is not one that I believe in. However, I do believe in the union. I refuse to "Blindly " follow the architects of Senate Bill 7. Those who called a strike to get publicity for the union but were not able to negotiate a better contract for teachers. In fact, if the previous contract could have stayed in place teachers would have been better off. That's a fact. Stating that this is the best one can do is not good enough.

In regards to people who say that teachers were not targeted by race for E-3 purposes, you are misinformed. You are misinformed about the situation with teachers brought up on charges as well. COS have a well oiled machine that is rooted in hatred, injustice, bigotry and unethical practices. The E_3 process is subjective and great and superior teachers have been removed because they have been working for years and CPS doesn't want to pay and 70% of these teachers are African American . 65% or more that are brought up on charges are African Americans. They were targeted for some reason, lied on scapegoated and fired. The question for the union should never be " What did the teacher do wrong" Let's distance ourselves from these people. The CTU needs to take the position that CPS has proven over and over again that they will do anything to circumvent the law, the contract and that if they are specifically discriminating against Africans American school communities in the Turn-Around Process, they are doing it in every other category of hiring and firings as well.

Also, 2.5 years ago when I informed the now union membership that discrimination in the turn-around process needed to be addressed immediately and I was told "it was their mission". Now it's their mission because they recognize that an election is coming up in MAY. Now the mass firings of AA teachers finally resonates with them!


WE will prove that CPS is a racist institution and we WILL change IT! The data proves it and every other measurement tool we have to define racism supports our notion that racism exist at CPS!!!!!!!

ALSO, Using intimidation and calling me names on this blog while writing anonymously, doesn't frighten me. Don't waste your time.

Rosita Chatonda wrote 2 years 1 week ago


I started my GROUP CAUSE in an attempt to educate our community about the so called "school reform initiatives" that are sweeping the nation. These initiatives were conceived in Chicago by the former Mayor Richard Daley. Many politicians look to Chicago Styled politics to create a national agenda that effects us all. In Chicago after the passing of our BELOVED Mayor Harold Washington, Efforts were made to reduce the voting block to ensure that African American leadership would no longer prevail in Chicago. (They had no idea that a president was being groomed right here in this city). The move was to eradicate or at least minimize the population of Blacks in Chicago by any means necessary.

The plan was designed initially to tear down public housing . However, in order to do it they would first have to allow gangs, guns and violence to permeate so that everyone, including the residents would become so uncomfortable and fearful that they would see this as a means to acquire something "better".

Next, they had to convince everyone that the schools were "failing" If we use the metric of main stream AMERICA to classify inner - city schools that are segregated, underfunded and under-resourced, then the powers to be could convince the community, even the members of the school community that there was something wrong with their schools.

Private corporations began to see that public education was a gold mine for the. They realized that in order to take down the system, they would need to get rid of all the employees of the school. The cooks, clerks, custodians, security. and teachers etc..., > Anyone with historical memory had to go.

They began to shut down schools in a move called
"Turn -Arounds" Private corporations would take over the school, fire most of the African American staff. Bring in Young, non- certified, inexperienced non-minority teachers to take all the education jobs in our community because experienced well educated African American teachers were inferior to the young novices???????

Creating charter schools in our community was the next agenda. Now they have control of the money, the power and are in a position to shape the psyche of our children who will learn from them that African Americans adults are powerless, their culture is out-dated and antiquated and now even our children will help in the destruction of their own communities.

Now the city is prepped for a complete purge of African Americans from Chicago and from every urban major school district in the country. The greatest migration of AA's since the GREAT MIGRATION is taking place. Chicago has 300,000 fewer African Americans since this has started ten years ago. ALL the research indicates there has been no significant improvement in test scores or education for students.



Mark Cook wrote 2 years 1 week ago

Not a System to Be

Cps is not a promising career stop. The system is making a terrible turnaround. Veterans are trumpled over. This is what Lightfoot from Maywood wanted. Now; you have a lot of educators in Illinois out of jobs. Tenure on all jobs should be the the first priority. It comes from due respect. Remember; experience is the best teacher. Not nonexperience. And you wonder why the children are so buck wild.

Rosita Chatonda wrote 2 years 1 week ago

Mark Cook

YES, what a Horrible system for All! Female, male, black, white Hispanic, fat, skinny, tall, short etc.., what a horrible system!

Anonymous wrote 2 years 1 week ago

Rosita you are misiformed

Hey Rosita,

CPS isn't bad for everyone.

CPS is awesome if you are well connected ! Just look at Duncan, Huberman, Brizzard....if you are a teacher and get let go for "unsatisfactory or satisfactory work" you are blackballed from education for life. These guys were rewarded for doing a bad job and now make MORE MONEY and power...One got a 250k severance package, one is now sitting on boards of education companies, and one is even the head of education in our Country?!!

So it's not bad for EVERYONE...just 99.99% hahahhaha

Anonymous wrote 1 year 10 weeks ago


The sad fact is: NOBODY ever wants to hear about the reality that whites are in a minority in the inner-city scools and communities. All we still see and read in the news is the same old poor me i was racially profiled by the man. People need to wake the fk up. This is not 1970. Times have changed, and the reality is: even though Im the white male American who supposedly has all the breaks, Im struggling. I KNOW that people judge me for MY color and Im in a minority

Anonymous wrote 1 year 10 weeks ago


Sure.Whites are discriminated by blacks.No question.

Rosita Chatonda wrote 1 year 10 weeks ago

Whites A minority in Chicago schools???

The number of White Teachers in Illinois is about 84%. The number of White teachers in Chicago is about 54% and growing. There are only a little over 8% of district 299 students who are White.someone is misinformed and it"s not me!

Anonymous wrote 1 year 4 weeks ago

Lost jobs

Plenty of teachers have lost or been displaced by what our ex-mayor did. In 1998, our state legislature gave the mayor control of CPS funding. He used the money that was ear marked for the teacher's pensions to create charter schools. As one opens, it sucked away high achieving students from the public schools. As the population of the near by public school dropped it gave the administration the excuse to close the public school due to low enrollment. This happened at Carpenter Elementary School and numerous others. He used our money to whip us out. Right now the City and state budget is out of control. They can't meet our pension demands because he spent our money. Now the legislature corrected their mistake by rewriting the Illinois constitution so our pensions aren't protected. Translation don't expect to get 80% of your present salary when you retire. You might get a rude awakening.

Anonymous wrote 1 year 4 weeks ago


I work in New York City public schools, not Illinois (someone's misinformed). And I wasnt talking about being a minority among teachers. Sure, most teachers are white here, too. I was talking about the students, their families and communities that attend these schools. Parents and kids are the BOSS, plain and simple--in any school district--and they dont always appreciate a white man comin in from the suburbs as an authority figure. I have seen many non white teachers who I was more qualified than, actually getting ahead because they were the same race as the kids. The kids and parents just get along better with the nonwhite teacher in many cases . It is what it is. Im just saying: many times these days, it doest hurt you to be a nonwhite.

Rosita Chatonda wrote 1 year 4 weeks ago

Times Have Not changed, Unfortunately

Dear Anonymous,

For African Americans times have not changed proportionally. The removal of DE-segregation laws and Affirmative Action laws has made it possible for the re-emergence of racism. without legal safe guards African Americans will always have to depend on the kindness of a few Whites for their survival.The affliction of White Privilege and entitlement that affluent Whites have and the control that they exert over the entire society permeates our society in such a negative manner. Without the protections of the law African Americans will continue to face crisis after crisis in this country as a minority, dependent on crumbs of the mainstream society for their livelihood.

In no case is that more prevalent than with Black educators who were experienced , qualified and invested in THEIR communities when the economy went South and Whites and some Blacks felt that they would take the jobs of these teachers so that young White recent college graduates could have a job and pay off their student loans while working in our communities with our poor Black children. These ideas and plans have created a re-emergence of racism in injustice in our schools.

Additionally, we have always had Whites and Blacks working together in minority communities , so when they closed our schools many dedicated White veterans were also displaced. However, programs like Teach For America , other alternative certification programs as well as some AUSL schools send a message to our children that Black teachers are not good enough to teach in their own communities. Which of course translates and sends the message to the student that Black children are not good enough to teach. Also, when White veterans are displaced, Whites are recruited. When Blacks are replaced , Whites are recruited. That is why I say that things have not gotten better for Blacks as a whole. We enjoyed a brief period of about 30 years to work and have jobs before racism rose up again. So we are right back to square one again with the removal of laws that have protected us in this country.

As far as things changing, things have gotten better for all Americans as a whole and African Americans have been able to benefit from that as well as everyone else but in terms of our status and how we rank in terms of joblessness, the prison industrial complex, education . etc and all the other areas we have been denied access to , we are no better off. I could cite the data proving that if necessary.

The proof is in what happened to thousands of African American and veteran teachers all over the country, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland. These are the people that gave hope to our communities,our role models . they showed us that there is a way out of poverty. All over the country the proliferation of charters, mass firings of veterans. Families have been destroyed,. Children of teachers had to return home from college, homes lost, the trust is gone and the stress has killed many. As a society with ruthless insensitive heads of state, who have power, and little compassion for anyone except themselves, we must do better.

Yes, the answer lies in parent organizing, just as they have a plan of destruction we must have one to rebuild and claim what is rightfully ours. we must reclaim our communities by educating our parents. We must do this not for ourselves but for the future of our children and grandchildren. We must teach them that blacks who have gone to institutions of higher learning, that live in the communities we serve and that look like them must have the right to work there.

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