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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

In the News: NATO money to fund school gardens

The city of Chicago will invest $1 million of unspent NATO Summit money on the development of educational vegetable gardens at 60 Chicago Public Schools. (Sun-Times)

In the wake of the elementary school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, school systems around the chicago area are viewing and reviewing their school safety plans. Chicago Public School principals and teachers are being urged to review their emergency management plans. (WGN-TV)

New policies support wellness in Chicago Public Schools, representing a significant advance in students' nutrition and fitness needs, says Rochelle Davis, president and CEO of Healthy Schools Campaign.

Hundreds of students at King College Prep, a selective enrollment high school on the South Side, walked out of class and staged a three-hour sit-in last Thursday, saying they were upset over new policies at the school and demanding the school's principal resign. (

Renovating Uptown's four underutilized schools could come with a $33.7 million price tag, according to school district statistics. (

Carpentersville-based Community Unit District 300 teachers will vote Wednesday on a three-year contract union and district officials have been negotiating for almost a year. (Daily Herald)

New research attempts to determine the best way to measure principal effectiveness using students' test scores—and finds that the task is trickier than anticipated. Principal evaluation presents a number of questions: Should principals be evaluated based on the performance of teachers they didn't hire? Should they be measured for their immediate impact or for growth over time? How can we actually compare one principal to another working in an entirely different school or district context? (Education Week)


Northside Teacher wrote 2 years 4 weeks ago


if my child's school was closing due to money shortage. i think i would be a little upset knowing that CPS is spending 1 million on vegetable gardens for the schools that get to stay open? i think its better to bake the cake then put the frosting on it??

MBA wrote 2 years 4 weeks ago

And we pay board member six figures are year for this?

Gardens should be part of schools AYP. How much produce was garnered? How green were the plants? Were the gardens weed free?

George N. Schmidt wrote 2 years 4 weeks ago

Going green like the Grinch is Rahm's way...

It's too bad the protest by a handful of Chicago teachers outside Rahm's latest publicity stunt didn't get covered (we missed it even at Substance). Rahm's propagandists claim CPS is facing a "billion dollar deficit" (not true, by the way; it's another example of playing numbers games). There are (still) about 160 schools without real libraries. Rahm's "Commission" is going to produce a Hit List the largest in history to "right size" (another propaganda term) the district, using phony numbers that Rahm loves...

While hundreds every day turn out for "Commission" hearings (almost a thousand total between Friday at Horner Park and last night at Leon Finney's church -- and not one is in support of Rahm's prescriptions) to be patronized and shouted at -- "TIME! TIME!" they shout as if a parent's time wasn't worth a penny when millionaire Frank Clark was smugly doing Rahm's bidding -- by the smug, smugger and smuggest "Commission" members .

Chicago parents, teachers and students are demanding real fixes for the city's real public schools. So Rahm operates even more on Government by Publicity Stunt. Both of the main Ministries of Propaganda for Mayor One Percent (the "Mayor's Press Office" at City Hall and the CPS "Office of Communications" at 125 S. Clark St.) continue to up their quotas of bilge and BS on behalf of the Chatterer.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 3 weeks ago

sick of CPS 'wellness' put upon schools without support and

funds as mothers take their food stamps and buy little kegs and cheetos for their kids. have seen kids today, who get a candy bar or a bag of chips for lunch from the parent--that is the whole lunch. CPS, do something about the food stamps being spent on garbage and stop making the schools provide eveything but teh bed at night. Come on rahm-you know Obama...

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