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Drugs in schools

Most drug violations in CPS involve an ounce or less of marijuana. Schools are quick to call police, yet rarely have the resources to offer education, counseling or other non-punitive help to students.

In the News: Parents hit back on testing

Frustration with testing has been bubbling for a few years. But in Chicago, the new tests for evaluating teachers, a longer school day, and the attention brought to testing by the teachers strike, the issue has hit a boiling point—and some parents are hitting back by having their children boycott standardized testing, WBEZ reports.

If CPS gets extra time to plan this year's round of school closures, district leadership is pledging to stop closing schools for the following 5 years. (Catalyst)

Chicago Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett Monday revealed plans to close under-used schools and “right-size’’ a district with about 100,000 empty seats by fall, then declare a five-year moratorium on school closures. (Sun-Times)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Monday he wants a five-year moratorium on closing public schools after anticipated cuts in 2013, but the teachers union called his gesture a "sleight of hand." (Tribune)

Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett says after this year, there will be no school closings for five years. The announcement comes with direction from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and at the same time school officials are requesting an extension to the state-mandated Dec. 1 deadline for announcing school closures. (WBEZ)

Students, teachers and parents caught in the middle of contract negotiations between District 300 school board and its teachers union again bombarded the school board during public comments at Monday’s school board meeting. (Daily Herald)

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Ed Dziedzic wrote 1 year 48 weeks ago

No Closings for 5 Years

This is coming from the fourth CEO in four years. Will she even be around five years from now? Will Emanuel? These are empty promises that they are trying to use to do massive shutdowns this year.

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