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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

In the News: CPS teachers tailoring lesson plans

Under their new contract, CPS teachers have more flexibility in writing their lesson plans, but the Chicago Teachers Union said some schools are asking teachers to fill out extra forms with their plans. (Sun-Times)

Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis said last week that she will lobby to stop the extension of a deadline to announce local school closings. (WBEZ)

Los Angeles teachers are finding value in the new evaluation system as it rolls out, but administrators doing the reviews complain about how time-consuming they are.  (Los Angeles Times)

A new study has found that inexperienced teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District are disproportionately more likely to be assigned to lower-performing math students, perpetuating the achievement gap. (Los Angeles Times)

For 15 years, teachers in three Southern states paid a longtime educator to send someone else to take the tests in their place, authorities said. Each time, the educator, Clarence Mumford Sr.,  received a fee of between $1,500 and $3,000 to send one of his test ringers with fake identification to the Praxis exam. In return, his customers got a passing grade and began their careers as cheaters, according to federal prosecutors in Memphis. (The New York Times)


Anonymous wrote 2 years 7 weeks ago

this lesson plan thingy is like the optional pre-conference form

for CPS reach teacher eval-it IS optional, but if you don't do it, it can count against you since every detail to be answered on it is graded/rubriced either as distringuished, proficient, basic or unsat. Foolish not to trun one in.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 7 weeks ago

lesson plan autonmy??

Are you kidding come to my school. My principal practically tells us what font to use..She tells us exactly what we have to do down to the smallest petty detail...please come speak to us.....what a joke.....and CTU please...if we write a grievence we are done!!!

NBCTer wrote 2 years 7 weeks ago

Lesson plan farce

I will never understand why administrators jump up and down and demand a document that they will never read. At one school, teachers turn in lesson plans and the security merely looks at a name and puts a check on a list to see it is turned in. I have turned in many bogus lesson plans just see if administration was paying attention. I would write objectives such as this: Students will learn how to fire administrators and harass the school board. No one ever gave me feedback. Too often the lesson plan documents schools create focus on daily teaching, not teaching as part of a sequence. Unit or skill objectives are rarely requested. Lesson plans are a personal document to help teachers plan lessons and activities and should not be a tool of administrative oppression.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 7 weeks ago

You are done if you do NOT write/file the grievance-get the PPC

together! There is power in numbers-use your fear energy to creat something postive and powerful in your school--teacher voice.

northside teacher wrote 2 years 7 weeks ago

strong in numbers???

yeah but when you get your satisfactory...not too much your "brothers and sisters" can do for you. i dont know why people voted yes on a provision that makes a satisfactory teacher from a closed school blacklisted? or make 2 satisfactories equal an unsatisfactory?

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