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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

For the Record: Displaced teacher hiring

One of the biggest wins for the union in negotiating the new teachers’ contract was getting CPS to agree that half of its new hires would be qualified, displaced teachers.

Still, it’s questionable how much the new provision will change what is happening on the ground in schools, given a host of factors.

For one, the provision had a stipulation that if CPS could not meet that quota by hiring back teachers, they could do so by taking the most-senior in the pool and making them substitutes.

Also, while the percentage of new hires who are displaced teachers has dropped in recent years, the overall number of displaced teachers has declined also. In fact, last year CPS could not have filled 50 percent of available jobs with displaced teachers because there were just not enough of them.

Here’s how the numbers compare: In the 2011-2012 school year, only 29 percent of new hires were of displaced teachers, according to a Catalyst Chicago analysis of data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. But three years ago, 48 percent of new hires were displaced teachers. During that time, the number of teachers in the displaced pool declined to 404 from 721.

Another factor is school closings, which simultaneously increase the number of displaced teachers and limit the number of jobs available. As many as 120 schools could be shut down in coming years, and more than 2,000 teachers could be displaced. But fewer schools means fewer teaching jobs, and the district’s budget problems are also likely to limit new hiring. New schools that are opened will, overwhelmingly, be charters, whose teachers by law cannot belong to the Chicago Teachers Union.

Another factor is retirements. A big wave of retirements took place this year, the last year in which teachers could take advantage of a pension enhancement program that allowed them to cash in unused sick and vacation days and have it count toward their pension. Fewer retirements in coming years will mean fewer new replacement hires.

CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey acknowledges that many unknowns existed when the union signed on to the provision. However, he said the union believes the provision will result in more displaced teachers being hired.

CPS also agreed to force principals to interview at least three displaced teachers when three or more apply for a position. If they choose not to hire one of the three, they must provide a reason to the Office of Talent Development.

“In the past, there was a real propensity for principals to hire new people,” Sharkey said. “Now principals will have a reason to hire more veterans, or the district will face a financial penalty.”

Another complicating factor is that the provision only applies to “pre-qualified” displaced teachers—those who have been rated satisfactory or excellent. In the past, there were no performance provisions to be part of the reassigned pool.

It is predicted that under the new evaluation system, about 70 percent of teachers would achieve those ratings.







Rod Estvan wrote 2 years 12 weeks ago

re: reasons for displaced teachers not being hired

I was unclear from the article whether also among the reasons for displaced teachers not being rehired are their certification areas relative to the avaiable openings. Some Principals' have indicated to me that this is a major problem in rehiring these teachers. What did Catalyst's research in this area indicate?

Rod Estvan

Anonymous wrote 2 years 12 weeks ago


I'm glad you got some information regarding members of the displaced pool; however, in the last few years creative dismissals extended far beyond displaced status, and that would account for a big drop in the displaced numbers as opposed to rehiring. I would also like to see how many were "honorably terminated" for "financial reasons", "program changes", "position redefinition" and other obscure definitions. These teachers were simply laid off, often with no warning, without the benefit of displaced pool. If CPS had a grand plan for determining who got laid off versus who was displaced, it was never clear. I wonder how those teachers, some of them really remarkable veterans, get back into the fold. I wonder how many there were as I have never seen numbers.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 12 weeks ago

Warning people are confused about this layoff pook

In order to be put in this pool you must first obtain the status of Proficent or Excellent. This is not a guaranteed rating. I think people need to read the new contract and the Reach Evaluation to realize this is NOT A VICTORY. Some of the first people to be laid off will be the Unsatisfactory and then Developing rated teachers. THESE TEACHERS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR REHIRE. They are not considered "prequalified".(read below)..folks this contract is bad for layoff people who did not do well in their last year before lay off or didn't brown nose their principals. In short if you find your self getting 284 points and below. Your days at CPS ARE OVER! I am sure you could some how grovel your way back in...but you are blacklisted in a new Union and CPS agreed BLACKLIST! Getting a developing score is not as hard as you think. A teacher who gets all Proficeint ratings but has a very low performing class..could easily find himself in this category! If you are not on your principals good list or your principal is brutally honest, it could be bad. READ REACH!! Chances of being hired without a Proficient or Excellent rating, it's over for CPS!

Read the CONTRACT if you need citation.

A. Teacher Eligibility List.
1. The BOARD with input from the UNION shall create a system by which
candidates for hire as teachers are prequalified through hiring screening
methods. Prequalified teachers shall include (a) tenured teachers who are
laid off for any reason on or after July 1, 2012 whose most recent
performance rating was in the top two rating categories (i.e., excellent or
superior and excellent or proficient); and (b) new applicants and other
teachers who pass uniform pre-screening hiring criteria, including the
consideration of employment history.
2. Prequalified teachers shall remain on the teacher eligibility list for two
years or until they receive a permanent appointment, whichever first
3. Inter-unit transfers are exempt from the process described in this Section.
4. Principals shall hire only prequalified applicants to permanent teaching
positions and shall have the discretion to hire any prequalified teacher.
However, principals who receive three or more applications from
prequalified displaced tenured teachers for a posted vacancy must
interview at least three prequalified displaced tenured teachers for the
position. If the principal does not select a prequalified displaced tenured
teacher, the principal shall provide the reason(s) for the non-selection to
the Talent Office, which shall communicate the reason(s) to the
prequalified displaced tenured teacher. Such reasons may not be
5. Every July 1, the BOARD shall provide the UNION with a list of permanent
vacancies filled by teachers on the eligibility list between the immediately
preceding July 1 to June 30 period. If fifty percent of those vacancies

Anonymous wrote 2 years 12 weeks ago

Displaced Teacher Hiring

My biggest question about all this is how it will be monitored and enforced. Who's to stop the individual principal who may never hire a displaced teacher, albeit though he/ she may interview them?

Anonymous wrote 2 years 12 weeks ago

simple answer

We cant. The loss of true tenure ha set teachers back to almost a pre union world. We have a few safeguards, but they just will slow down the inevitable. Principals have more power over peoples lives than ever. Lets face it probably 20 percent are corrupt or just human. Their egos, ambitions, complexities will destroy careers and families. I dont see any good in this new reach and sb7 world for those who work under them. The union can do nothing more than ensure salaries...job protection is oveeeer.

O.T. Bright wrote 2 years 12 weeks ago

another bad deal: bully principals will just give low ratings

This is just another symbolic victory for the union. While too many CTU members are getting bullied -sometimes just because they had the audacity to ask about prep time- the principals who unfairly persecute those teachers still get to have all the power. Principal Millicent Clyburn (also known as Millicent Robersone) has single-handedly ruined Bright elementary school by persecuting and publicly humiliating teachers and even assistant principals so much so that almost all of them end up transferring or quitting within months of joining the staff. All a bully principal has to do now is simply give teachers low ratings. When the teacher quits she will not be able to work at CPS again because of the low ratings so this "deal" does nothing to address despotic principals. If a teacher does not quit soon enough, the bully principal can begin the E3 process. If a teacher quits during the E3 process she will get placed on the "Do Not Hire" list. All of this is done with a wink and a nod, if not outright complicity, from the big wigs at "Network" offices, as evidenced by the CPS email that demanded that all principals in their network identify at least 2 teachers per year for the E3 dismissal process:

Anonymous wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago

same area office is saying that this new teacher eval process

makes it easier for principals to remove teachers. out of the pan into the fire.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago


For good or bad why isnt ctu warning its members. No one in my school knows anything about sb7 reach an d layoff procedures . I tell them what i can. They need to host town hall by phone to take questions

Anonymous wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago


Will our past satisfactory ratings in old system qualify us for layoffs

Anonymous wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago

Intellectual power of the teaching community

Many of us were upset reading posts on the First Class regarding the corruption and self service of the CTU leaders.
Now,you are in the hole.The fact is, you asked for. Karen and her cohort,
including the fat self proclaimed journalist ,smile on the way to the bank.
You are screwed and still do not see it.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago

Agree with you -we are getting no information from CPS

at our school or fromt eh area as to how we will be judged and evaluated. it is CPS responsiblity, but they are happy to not tell us a thing. CTU is rested and needs to take this up so that we know what is going on.

northside teacher wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago

I voted no!!

I voted no on the contract..I was glad that Karen could muster a strike, but I was not happy with the results....not what happend a year before with sb7. However, the last meeting I had , after the strike, only 3 peopl showed up at the meeting...the apathy and "it wont affect" me attitude is back! I am one of the few "satisfatory" techers who will be getting reviwed this year for Reach...let me tell is NOT is a GOTCHA process if your principal wants it to be....People say I should document...but come on!!! It will just make things worse...reading all the anti teacher clauses in Reach and layoffs has left me VERY VERY sad and angry to the point I dont want to teacher any more...makes me sick when I am told it was a vicory! Victory for some teachers...but the satisfactory teachers...often no fault of their own...they are guinea pigs...and none of the teachers at my school seem to care...least of all my union rep???we all went on strike together...but now...i feel alone again....I am just the "gal" who got a satisfactory...and my PRINCIPAL IS ON A POWER TRIP with his new found powers!!!!

northside teacher wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago


CTU NEEDS TO GET THE INFORMATION OUT NOWWWWWWWW...NOT WORRY BOUT PENSION REPS...pesnsion reps will mean when you are put on cps blacklist..which will pretty much black list you EVERYWHERE in the teaching ever seen the check box for "were you ever non renewed" are you going to explain this....

Anonymous wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago

no tenure protection

I was one of those teachers who received an unsatisfactory rating from my principal but was not E3'd. I was laid off due to "reallocation of funds." CTU said they never heard of that reason yet 1000 tenured teachers were laid off in 2011 for this reason. I filed a grievance against my principal and she reversed the rating to satisfactory and filed a grievance against CPS. They denied my grievance and I appealed. They were able to rule against me again although you would think you can't rule on your own decision. CPS under SB7 can lay off tenured teachers with a satisfactory or unsatisfactory ratings without regard to tenure. I was invited to be a day to day sub. I went on unemployment. Why didn't the union know about this rule?

Anonymous wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago

Failure to represent

Our leaders are aware about all issues.Why they decided not to file an arbitration request?
They promised a transparency and honesty and failed to deliver.
I believe,that Right To Work legislation could give a members a very powerful tool.
"You do not effectively represent me,so I do not pay my dues".
It is only way, how membership could force their leaders to keep pre- election promises.
People received a worst contract in the C T U history.

northside wrote 2 years 11 weeks ago


When i asked my principal about reach and nwea and value added scores she had noooooo clue. Yet we soon will be graded on this. Ironically she told me i needed to research more for my lessons. Yet she didn't even fully research reach assessments. Scary...the ctu is no better

Bright Elementary Chicago Parent wrote 2 years 9 weeks ago

O.T. Bright Elementary Chicago, principal Clyburn bully

It's about time somebody brought up the CPS pricipals that are bullying their staffs and ruining our schools. Principal Millicent Clyburn has managed to single-handedly ruin O.T. Bright Elementary with her unprofessional and combative behavior toward students, parents, teachers, and even toward other administrators. Things are so bad that Bright keeps losing enrolment and losing teaching positions. Bully principals have got to go, starting with Millicent Clyburn Robersone.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 6 weeks ago

A change moving forward.

Every Tuesday at Push, teachers, community people, and parents meet to help problem solve and wrote on solutions. We meet on the 1st floor from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Bridget Rodriguez wrote 2 years 6 weeks ago

Full time Teaching Position

Yes, please put me on the teacher eligibility list. My application is on line. No, I did not recieve any letter stating today Novermber 30th, 2012 was the last day to sign up. I am glad Brandon called and left a message on my home phone about calling and/or filling out this form. Well, I have done both. I really miss teaching. At the moment I am a subsititue teacher. Please help me get a FULL TIME TEACHING POSITION.
I want my legacy back,
Bridget Rodriguez

Anonymous wrote 1 year 20 weeks ago

Laid off Tenured,

Due to economics/budget I am a laid off tenured teacher with a satisfactory rating. After 25 years of service,with three years left before retiring, I was offered a day to day substitute status, day to day pay, benefits ending 08-31-13, no severance pay or options. I refuse to be placed at the bottom and therefore I decline the offer. Why would I want to start the process over as a day to day sub with an opportunity to substitute teach with day to day pay ? That is how I started working with CPS. I went from day to day, cadre, FTB, assigned, IB, tenured to laid off. The category concerning being laid off due to economics/budget is the lowest because we are not subs at our reg. rate then move to cadre. We are day to day @ day to day pay. How did they arrive at these result? And why do we get the worst offer ? I am moving forward with my life not backwards. I'm moving with progress and success, so why go backwards, I don't have to take that offer. I did file a grievance as well .

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