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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

In the News: Emanuel ad puts spin on strike outcome

With help from his well-funded political allies and the resources of the Chicago Public Schools system that he controls, Emanuel is describing the tentative contract that emerged from the seven-school-day strike as a hard-fought victory for children.

In a political-style TV and radio ad blitz launched Wednesday, Emanuel says "change is never easy" but declares the outcome "the right deal for our kids." The ads are being paid for by a nonprofit arm of a political action committee started by Wall Street hedge fund managers who believe the creation of privately run charter schools is the best avenue to reform. (Tribune)

Ed Reform Now, a group with overlapping funders with Democrats for Education Reform bought a million dollar ad buy on Chicago television to spin the recent teachers strike as a win for Mayor Rahm Emanuel, writes blogger Mike Klonsky.

The deal that ended a seven-day Chicago teachers strike will be up for union approval on Tuesday, Oct. 2, Chicago Teachers Union officials said Thursday. (Sun-Times)

Influential businessman and adviser to Mayor Emanuel Bruce Rauner says unions protect bad teachers. He and CTU vice president Jessey Sharkey duked it out on WTTW Thursday night. Watch the interview here, but be sure to read the online comments below.

"The settlement of the Chicago Public Schools strike is the latest example of foolishness in public management," writes Charles F. Falk in a letter to the Tribune. "CPS agreed to provide nearly $400 million it does not have in rewards to a teachers union that has produced one of the least-effective big-city school systems in the nation. In so doing, CPS joins the scores of governmental units that have navigated their respective ships of state onto the reefs of financial un-sustainability."

One of the things that some folks learned during the strike is the extremely low percentage of white students in Chicago Public Schools, writes Whet Moser in Chicago Magazine. "It's not terribly unusual for big-city schools, but 9 percent did come as a surprise to many, even people who follow politics and civic issues closely."

The Schott Foundation for Public Education released "The Urgency of Now: The Schott 50 State Report on Public Education and Black Males," which finds that only 52 percent of Black male and 58 percent of Latino male ninth-graders graduate from high school four years later, while 78 percent of White, non-Latino male ninth-graders graduate four years later. The report suggests that without a policy framework that creates opportunity for all students, strengthens supports for the teaching profession and strikes the right balance between support-based reforms and standards-driven reforms, the U.S. will become increasingly unequal and less competitive in the global economy. The foundation also provides individual reports on each state. Read the report for Illinois here.

Public school teachers seeking to recall Gov. Bobby Jindal and House Speaker Chuck Kleckley said Thursday that they failed in their efforts to oust the Republican leaders. The teachers were angered by Jindal's education reform that will push more students into private and charter schools. (The Times-Picayune)


teacher mom wrote 2 years 16 weeks ago


And he got his residency by having a suitcase in a basement?

Wondering wrote 2 years 16 weeks ago

Can't Make It Through The Day Without Rahm Explaining Life

Rahm thinks he has to explain the outcome of the strike to the public because he thinks they're stupid. As he crows that the contract is "the right deal for our kids" he forgot to mention to which CPS school his children will now be tranferring.

Huh? wrote 2 years 16 weeks ago

Will The Mayor Ever Stop Talking?

If Chicago kids have two and a half years more school than other kids when they finish high school, shouldn't they start college as Juniors?

Jzzyj1 wrote 2 years 16 weeks ago

Give "THANKS"???

Regardless of which side you were on during strike, isn't amazing that the Mayor has not once mentioned CEO Brizzard and his "efforts" at the table??? Just Asking!

Anonymous wrote 2 years 16 weeks ago

1 millions in ads? Really

1 millions in ads? Really that could have been used to provide resources for students. unbelievable!

Mr T wrote 2 years 16 weeks ago

The Rahm-father: CTU's best PR

The more he speaks, the better the union looks! Based on the advertisements, he spins that he really put the hurt on the union.

In reality, he just sent Chicago deeper in debt, while continuing to trash the city employees. What a fine motivational speech he delivers! Sure makes me want to go work for him! NOT!

Joseph Taylor wrote 2 years 16 weeks ago

Schools on a Flat

The strike brought out the true color of Chicago Public School. It is a major
unnecessary turn around. The children are not protected as to interest. Who wants to see those commercials. Whoever heard that a layoff brings back the person laid off if a recall. So; now you see it is just a way to get rid of teachers. Senior teachers. This is why the Charters are going to fail. Because it is done on the wrong pretenses. What if everyone lost their jobs. Society does not believe in young inexperienced teachers. A teacher is traditional. That is one thing that makes a teacher a teacher. Teachers are leaders. Very important ones at that. So it is terrible what is being done to Chicago teachers. Who wants to work for Chicago Public Schools.

George N. Schmidt wrote 2 years 16 weeks ago

Propaganda for the plutocracy

The most delightful part of the past week has been that the Plutocracy (and Catalyst's paymasters) have been forced out from the closet and into daylight. Bruce Rauner's rantings rival the Bourbons before Thermodor, and as I listened to him it struck me that Marie Antoinette was probably as surprised at the guillotine as any tyrant throughout history. (I wonder if she heard the "thump" when her head landed in that basket).

My interest next week is going to be in the pundits and propagandists of the Plutocracy — including Catalyst and Education Week because of their pretensions. At least Rahm's infomercials with Rebecca Nieves (sometimes) Huffman include the credit line, and anyone can trace "Democrats for Education Reform" back to all those hedge fund white guys who just "love" public schools (and are salivating like teenagers over the prospect of getting their hands on those billions).

With all of the Plutocrats in Chicago (Penny Prtizker, "Mike" Koldyke, Bruce Rauner, Eden Martin to begin the short list) now coming out from behind the various fig leaves, who will be next? Their paid propagandists and front people (Phyllis Locket and Andrew Broy top my list) perhaps?

This whole thing is also about why so many reporters nowadays need a union fast. Lying for a living is bad for the soul, but it's been obvious in this town for years that there's a few bucks to be made as the business goes bust. I'll believe there's a change a coming when I read somewhere that the CPS budget "deficit" story line is FOS. Or at least a quote from someone who's been studying the budget and can say, based on fact not "He said-She said" that it's been FOS for the past 20 years, and this year smells even worse than usual.

Rahm-n-noodles wrote 2 years 16 weeks ago

Damage control

It appears that Crimanuel and friends are highly concerned that the strike has damaged his image beyond repair. Whether Mayor Bully has national aspirations or is planning on a second term, all of these goals are now in jeopardy. Moreover, most Chicagoans have realized the rumors of a federal pipeline of money that was supposed to come to the windy city was all a myth. Rahmbo mus stand on his record which is broken. The only question who is a viable candidate to unseat the incumbent?

GUESS WHO? wrote 2 years 15 weeks ago

A viable candidate??

I hope you are not referring to the union sell-out ,spin artist and habitual liar Karen Lewis! She is not a viable candidate not matter what the teachers say. She sold them out, signed a bad contract That's enough of her!

urbanteach wrote 2 years 15 weeks ago

Guess Who?

Rahm, stop posting, your billionaire friends are calling... they want you to do another t.v. ad. Karen has expressed no desire to run for mayor.

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