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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

Strike Day 1: Emanuel weighs in, CTU pickets

A teacher pickets CPS headquarters during a massive rally held downtown on Monday.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel again Monday called the teachers’ strike one of “choice” and said that negotiators just need to figure out two issues. Though he said the issues were so resolvable that he thought the union should have postponed the walk out, he went on to insist that his position was correct and didn’t seem open to budging.

The CTU and CPS have major ideological differences of opinion on the two remaining issues—teacher evaluation and treatment of laid off and displaced teachers—perhaps making compromising more difficult than if the disagreement was over pay. Union leaders have identified a long list of unmet demands, but agree with Emanuel that these issues are sticking points.

Emanuel said he told his negotiators to “finish up” contract negotiations, but would talk to his legal team about filing an injunction should the strike drag on.

Emanuel, making remarks at Maranatha Church on the Southwest Side, said negotiators were back at the table but had no updates. “We have offered an honest compromise that does right by our kids and is fair to taxpayers,” he said.

Meanwhile, CTU ratcheted up the pressure on Monday. After getting teachers out to picket from early in the morning til 10:30 a.m., they held a massive rally outside of CPS headquarters downtown.

Many teachers on the picket lines referred questions to their leaders. However, at Till Elementary, a group stopped walking to describe the bad conditions they teach in.

“A few of our classrooms had to stop taking a standardized test because mice were running around,” one said. A kindergarten teacher added she had 38 children in her class and no aide. And, so far this school year, books and other supplies haven’t arrived.

“This is the type of environment we teach in,” one said.

At Bowen High School, union delegate Denise Forbes said the school has more than 500 students and only one computer and music teacher.  “The most important issue is resources,” she said.

Teachers said the lack of resources for children both inside schools and outside schools is why they are nervous about having too much of their evaluations tied to test scores. CTU President Karen Lewis has said too many factors outside of schools have an impact on test scores, she said.

But on Monday, Emanuel made it clear he was committed to ensuring that student performance, including student growth on test scores, were part of the evaluation. Emanuel pointed out that as chief of staff at the White House, he helped orchestrate the passage of Race to the Top. Race to the Top is a federal grant program in which states competed for billions and made themselves more attractive by passing laws that included revamped teacher evaluations tied to test scores.

He said that teachers helped design the new teacher evaluation system and part of the compromise was allowing them to be a part of making future adjustments.

He also discounted union claims that the evaluation system could lead to the firing of 6,000 teachers over two years. “I am optimistic that more teachers will pass,” Emanuel said. “I am more confident in them than their union.”

Emanuel also reiterated his perspective on the treatment of laid off and displaced teachers.

This is an important issue to the union as it is speculated that the district will close down dozens of under-utilized schools in coming years. The union would like these displaced teachers to have preference for open positions.

But Emanuel doesn’t talk at all about displaced and laid off teachers. Instead, he emphasizes that principals should have full discretion to hire who they want. As a prop at his news conference, he held up a list of 50 high-achieving schools in Chicago.

“If we are to hold the principals accountable, then we need to give them the ability to pick the best qualified people for the job,” he said.

Watching movies, contingency plans

Maranatha Church on the Southwest Side, where Emanuel spoke, is one of the sites running a Safe Haven program for children during the strike. CPS activated its strike contingency plan on Monday morning, opening up 144 schools to provide half-day activities and paying churches to run programs.

CPS officials said they did not know how many students showed up at the contingency sites. Opening schools and paying churches to hold programs is costing CPS $25 million.

The union had blasted the contingency plan as a waste of money and some parents who stopped by seemed unimpressed. Danielle Coleman, whose child attends kindergarten at Gale, and Aurora Marquez, who has three children at Stone Elementary, walked inside Gale Elementary, observed the activities and left with their children.

“I thought about it. We got them up and dressed,” Coleman said. “[But] I don’t like how the volunteers talk to the students.”

At Clemente High School, some teachers stood in the median on Western Avenue holding signs. As cars went by, many of them honked. 

A community watch volunteer said around dismissal time that of the up to 4,000 students eligible to attend Children First at Clemente, just five had shown up. At Amundsen High, just 50 of 1,500 students showed up.

Some students joined the picket lines with their teachers. At Bowen High School, four friends showed up and put signs around their necks. “We love our teachers,” said Jasmine Bennett, a junior.

The group said that the school has gotten a new burst of energy with a principal who started last year.  “Value-added learning,” said Aaliyah Travis, also a junior. “It just means that we take our learning seriously and enjoy it.”

The four friends said that at first they were happy about the strike, but now they are worried about it cutting into their summer and making it difficult for them to get summer jobs.

Younger students, however, were not thinking too much about the future and just enjoying the nice early fall day. “Yay,” said four boys, raising their arms in victory, describing how they felt when they heard about the strike. They spent the morning sitting on their grandmother’s porch across the street from Till Elementary.  When they saw their teachers, they called out to them.

“Hi, honey,” one responded.

Their grandma, Antoinette Bean, said she told the teachers they could come to her house to use the bathroom and that she would send the boys to the store, should they need food. “I just think it is a shame,” she said. “Teachers should get what they want.”

Jose Maya, a 1st-grade student at Gale Elementary in Rogers Park, and his older brother Gustavo Gutierrez, who attends 8th grade, said they had a great day planned to take the place of school.

“First we are going to watch a movie. Then we are going to eat,” said Gutierrez.  His younger brother added that the two planned to play a “really scary” zombie video game. 

At an alternative site in Hyde Park set up by supporters of the union, about 35 students played soccer, learned crocheting and made sailboats. Parent Tigist Bekele helped her son, Sam, who attends nearby Ray, make a boat and said she supports the teachers. "I am not working right now, so I showed up to help out," Bekele said.

Contributing: Rebecca Harris, Nicole Koetting


Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Rahm, principals do want to choose the best teachers.

They also want to keep thier best teachers. REACH in its present state, does not allow this.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago


They don't have A/C? Darn it, that is wrong. Nor do firefighters when at a fire. I bet they do at the CTU headquarters. And mouse turds? Did they just show up or were they ignored prior to to a sounding board was present. Take action when the problem arises, not when you feel hurt because you're not getting your way. Change is tough, but achievable when u are willing to look at what is important, what you went to school to do, when you want to provide service to those who you say you are dedicated to....Hatred will not win over the service you trained to provide.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Ed reform is creating a whole industry of standardized test

developers who turn around and become developers of matchy-matchy standardized and shallow curriculum that is also, increasingly, pushing developmentally inappropriate tasks onto younger and younger kids. Ed reform creates a mistrust of teachers; it treats them like inherently lazy professionals who, without some kind of paternal oversight wouldn’t care enough about the kids in their classes to figure out how to get through to them.

Ed Dziedzic wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Firefighters don't have air conditioning?

Well, that is the dumbest comment I've seen in a while. Would you want your six year old in a sweltering room with mice running around in it? You think teachers haven't complained about these dismal conditions in the past? The Board just ignores them.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

The Rham-father doesn't learn!

Rham's "I am, I am, I AM smart" attitude is what has landed him and CPS in this adversarial relationship with the teachers. And, after hearing conversations with the police officers, it seems they have the same level of love for him that the teachers are displaying.

He needs to talk less, listen more, and quit being a know-it-all. He made a point of saying these public servants work FOR the people of Chicago. So does he!

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Students had a good day!

Students who attended Gale had a good day filled with activities. Volunteers and central office staff treated the kids nicely and with respect. The kids left happy and parents were satisfied. I can understand if parents were not comfortable leaving their students with strangers but don't put down the volunteers who were put in a uncomfortable position.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

$25 mil & how CTU could have used it

CPS has $25 m budgeted for its strike contingency plan. CTU's concerns about social workers, class sizes, and AC all seem valid, but instead of going on strike CTU could have asked for that $25m to be used for that purpose. It seems like this strike is about teaching Rahm a lesson, but that already occurred when 90 % voted for the strike. Now they're just hurting kids, parents, taxpayers, and their own credibility.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Rahm helps the Republicans--Is this what Obama wants?

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan spoke out against the Chicago Teachers Union strike on Monday, saying he stands behind Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's opposition to the demonstration.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

To clarify my comment above:

To clarify my comment above: the teachers are hurting their credibility as an entity that has kids' best interest at heart. They could have stayed at the bargaining table, gone to work and used that 25you mil as a negotiating tool.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

I don't know....

I don't know. Times have changed since 1987. This new era of standardized testing and alternative educational options (i.e. charter schools) and all of the things that go with these things...the business world has gotten into the education business with a vengence and well...they don't like to lose. CTU has ideology, the new educational order has investors. Just sayin'.

Danny V wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

What a waste!

Taft High School, one of the "contingency plan" schools with an enrollment over 3,000 students had 10 students show up Monday. There were 75 adults in the building.

The Board is spending $25 million on this?

Ben James wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Reason Cps won't honor Ctu request

It comes from the Race to the Top out of Washington. Obama backs what is going on with Cps. In other words; it is Arne Duncan who is backing it. The Race to the Top will support Illinois schools; only; if test scores are included in the teacher's evaluation. If test scores are not included; then Illinois schools can't be a part of the Race to the Top. Won't get that financial support from the White House. This is why the mayor won't back down on this issue. All the teachers in the city of Chicago will be fired. These scores are not going up. Guess what? Those new teachers won't be able to raise the scores up either. The tenured teachers DO know how to work with the students. A lot of them lost their jobs because they were old; and were expensive. That's the REAL reason why a LOT of them were thrown out of their jobs. That was a BIG mistake. It will be going down hill from now on. Chicago is a sad city in the news today. And please don't forget about the crime. Lot of that; EVERY DAY. When election time comes; please remember this big mess. Remember how teachers will be fired; labeled as not doing their jobs. It is time for new leadership. Principals are being recruited to do the dirty work. And after this is done hopefully they are not exempt from being fired. But of course they will. They will be labeled as poor leaders. A lot of them are poor leaders. Do they get to stay? Who wants to teach in Chicago under these terrible conditions? Do you hear about this mess anywhere else? Those teachers just get in there and do their best. Kids don't even sit down for the teachers to teach. Principals need to control discipline at these schools so the teachers can teach. They just sit in classrooms and record. Just in the way. A lot of them have never taught. Just want that big check. Teaching at one time was enjoyable. It is a tough career. Now it is a terrible career to work at Chicago schools. Expecting too much. Bottom line.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Helping children? the future?

Helping children? the future? what future? you all are financially raping our city... teach our kids to fiscally the most irresponsible people on earth? ( seemingly nonissue in this debate but at the crux -- our children will have to battle each other later over your pension? You cant save on your own when you are making over 70k/yr for 9mos? -- there should be no pension for those folks that make that much... ridiculous! how will the kids pay for this!? you should have to save on your own like the private sector... yes, in bad economic times... we, in the private sector, cant save either -- we wont have the luxury of retiring on someone else's dollar like you will)-- Private sector has suffered and sacrificed much much more than what you are complaining about -- people would kill for the privilege to teach these children -- especially at the outrageous salary and benefit package -- truly awesome unrivaled package. unfortunately, private sector can no longer support the public sector -- especially a public sector who wants an ineffective evaluation system so some can sit on the job... I understand that there are wonderful teachers in CPS who are hard working but I'm willing to bet that there are just as many bad ones that we cant get rid of! -- good evaluations are necessary and parents and good teachers should demand it - and yes, our children and taxpayers derserve that!
If this were about kids, there would be no strike at all ... you would work as you negotiate a contract. You would have solutions instead of whining about them... you would assist the school with staying in budget so all kids have a chance - not just the ones of this year - but future years. This has not become about the children -- there was a day when public SERVICE was just that -- now most are the highest paid and most coveted positions with the best lifestyles. I think it is shameful that the CTU would use such rhetoric - and exploit my CHILD in attempts to appeal to the masses. Those problems with a/c, oversized classes - yes, problems can fixed by YOU and the other teachers and CPS administrators alike standing in solidarity to take a pay-cut, especially principals, to pay for those issues -- ONLY THEN, would I believe you are doing it FOR THE CHILDREN. OTHERWISE, MOVE OVER AND LET THE UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE STEP IN -- I KNOW A BUNCH -- INCLUDING TEACHERS WHO WOULD LOVE THE PRIVILEGE. Bottom line -- there is no more money in the private sector -- you have taken it all == people in the private sector have to pay for the publice sector -- the private sector lost their pensions long ago, they dont have health care, they dont have sick days or vacation --the unemployment line is endless and those only include the people that were employed to begin with -- not all the new grads! --- the private sector folks are not working -- THEY CANNOT support you, police officers, city workers and all those fancy benefits -- forever putting us out of budget -- and worse, you steal the future and put us in more debt without a care in the world as to those dire ramifications -- because it is all about YOU and the HERE and the NOW and APPARENTLY YOUR PRIDE... Lewis is disgusting and doesnt even have the ability to prioritize? WHAT IS SHE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN?! I'd say at least 50% of the teachers have no clue what the strike is about.... maybe you need to talk to a math teacher -- are there any math teachers on the CTU? they can show you negative money versus positive money -- simple ... you cost TOO MUCH --

LOOK AT THE NUMBERS! HOW DARE YOU STRIKE FOR FINANCIAL GAIN AND HOLD MY CHILD'S EDUCATION HOSTAGE WHEN I PAY TREMENDOUS TAX DOLLARS?!!! YOU HAVE A LOT OF NERVE. It is more than shameful; it is the worst greed i think many of us have seen in history. Stop using my child for your personal financial gain - yes, YOU are hurting my child and her peers. How about you stop writing blogs about complaints and start writing how you are going to fix it with your peers????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- WITHIN THE BUDGET... YOU DO IT... then, i will listen to you... You cannot get blood from a stone. I dont know much about Rahm but i like him now -- enough is enough! I DON'T THINK HE SHOULD HAVE MET THE SALARY DEMANDS -- THAT IS OUTRAGE -- clean up the mouse crap, etc... but no more $$$ for already way overpaid profession. The CTU created monumental issues out of things that are not monumental -- plenty of kids all over the world endure non-a/c classrooms... a/c destroys the environment. so, I really think this comes down to greed. Nobody should strike because there is no a/c -- you are teachers -- get creative -- talk to you principal -- get it in the budget or work out a solution to make the school cooler -- make it a green science project. Im disgusted with the lack of innovation from everyone... YOU ARE TEACHERS AND RIDICULOUSLY PAID TEACHERS == WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?! GREED GREED GREED GREED. Im ready with a lot of parents to stand in solidarity to teach our children -- open the schools and we will get it done... and Im sure we could get assistance from the unemployment line at half the cost with no benefits from maybe even better natured

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago



lobewiper wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Sense and nonsense about this strike

Certain of the posters above have resolved this strike into two issues: pay and getting rid of poor teachers. Teachers improve significantly with quality administrative as well as teacher-based leadership and a "can do" atmosphere created by true collaboration of staff and leadership. All the research supports this of which I am aware.

The current strike has important political implications for the Democratic Party nation-wide. By portraying (as some have done) teachers as lazy and inept, and unions in the primary business of protecting them, the party risks alienating many members sympathetic to the labor movement in this country. The expression, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" seems applicable...

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Evaluations Ridiculous

CEO's are paid ridiculously NOT teachers. The evaluation process is so confusing that the test for administrators has a fail rate of 88%. Principals are required to pass this multiple section BEFORE they can evaluate the teachers. And this is going to determine my job? Student test scores on canned tests that cost more than our collective salaries will judge my connection to children? Firemen are not paid according to how big a fire they face or police by how big a crime they stop.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Quit playing the victims --

Quit playing the victims -- you are NOT THE VICTIMS... the children are. the ave chicagoan gets paid $48k -- many of them also union. The ave teacher gets paid $76k -- with many many manys off... many would call the spread ridiculous and at this juncture, greedy. The strike has been about money from the get-go with the longer school day -- the rest was brought up to not look as greedy. Teaching was a public service job - Ms Lewis forgot that along the way - but she shouldn't have when she found out being a comedian didnt come with many benefits as teaching did! The prinicpal gets $110K+ -- PLUS all the fancy benefits and summers off -- surely many CEOs of corporations in the private sector and they are not out of the office by 5 pm... And since when did someone decide principals should get CEO salaries? Also, you shouldn't strike and harm the children because you dont like your evaluation system -- and as I understand it -- it was writtten by the teachers -- so get in there and FIX ITand get involved--- rewrite it!! but there needs to be one... yes, your compensation should be tied to evaluation as it is in most jobs... taxpayers demand it... you are making too much $$$ not to be. TEACHERS DEMANDS HAVE BEEN MET -- USING OUR CHILDREN --- YOU BETTER BE PREPARED TO BRING IT THIS YEAR IN THE CLASSROOM AND EVERY YEAR AFTER -- PARENTS AND TAXPAYERS WERE WATCHING BEFORE -- NOW THEY WILL BE EVALUATING YOU YOU YOU EVERY MINUTE OF THAT CLASSROOM.... I EXPECT MORE AND NOW WILL DEMAND MORE NOW THAT I KNOW ALL THE SALARIES...

Don wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

"Qut Playing the victims"

Well, they are the victims if good teachers are fired by an unfair evaluation system.

But you are right in that CTU leadership may be willing to have children out of school to get extra time in the national spotlight. They are close to as good as an offer they're going to be able to get. A sincere effort to close would make for a short strike.

The big issues are decided in the larger political process. Not as part of a teacher employment contract.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

agreed -- like many

agreed -- like many organizations, you can be a victim of the system -- I know 2 very very good teachers that got fired by principals -- so that part I am very very confused about -- the principals have the hire/fire power already? then what is Rahm fighting for them to have the hire/fire power? or were those teachers confused in who actually fired them? Overall - i think chicago is a very excellent place to work for teachers as challenging as some schools can be -- the semi-competitiveness for a position keeps teachers on their toes -- it is why I chose to send my kid to public school -- I think the teachers are more challenged and innovative (this disappointing strke aside) -- thus, forced to stay up-to-date more than the private sector.... and they are paid way better so it does help. But at this point, I think this is all nonsense and greed and I want it to end now. And it is greed by both parties but the CPS isn't striking -- the CTU is striking -- and it only hurts the children.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago


You are so wrong on so many levels I can't even begin to respond. Teachers have a pension because we do not get Social Security like you do in the private sector. Our pension funds have been raided by the state and are now not fully funded. I hope you take some time and actually learn what the real issues are. Good luck with all that misplaced anger.

GUESS WHO? wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago


Before CORE was CTU and before Obama brought Arne to the White House, the socialist reform movement CORE has always had an anti-Obama agenda. Th Anti-Obama initiatives consisted of planned protest to his home, while refusing to protest as Daley's and Duncan's home. Organizing to create a third party obstructionist movement like the TEA party that would challenge Democrats in the November Election. The attack o the president is just one of the tactics used by CORE and the CTU to undermine his president.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago
Ed Dziedzic wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago


Lions and Tigers and Socialists! Oh my! And your name all in caps yet! How screamingly urgent! Still don't have guts enough to post your name though.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

obama hah

are you talking about the same Obama who chose mr anti union Arnie Duncan and Rahm?? I am not CORE but I am CTU and I am getting to think Obama is best the lesserof two evils (at best)

I am an indpenedent human and I support this message!

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

This isnt misplaced anger -

This isnt misplaced anger - CTU is using our children to line their pockets. Social security for the private sector? what is that? I think you are fooling yourself but you cant fool us -- lets trade -- i'll take it... how about it?

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Bring it on! You wouldn't

Bring it on! You wouldn't last an hour in my school in Englewood.

Anonymous on the Line wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Rahm and the City are losing

Rahm and the City are losing more in taxpayer money over forcing us to strike than they'll get from this grant!!!!!! 24 school districts have to split the 42 mil Quinn got from the Race to Top Grant.

This grant is less than we are spending to keep schools functional through our strike..Tell Rahm to call Quinn and shove the grant to another district. It's not for Us.
This grant also opens incentive for districts to do open more Charter schools. STAY AWAY CPS .....

Written 2 years ago and Quinn took the cash with Rahm...not to tarnish Obama but it is what it is...

So CPS and Rahm are fighting the last hang up with "Our" Karen and us---the evaluation process and tying of student scores to the teacher evaluations......We are fighting a huge money issue as Rahm and Quin and G Chicco applied and took a portion of the Obama/Duncan "Race to the top" Grant money and agreed to this system. Notice that not all school districts took this money. We need to fight but how will we contest this when it's not in the news.

Rahm and the City are losing more in taxpayer money over forcing us to strike than they'll get from this grant!!!!!! If we say No to Quin's grant money we can get this Evaluation off the table

Obviously Rham and Brizzard will not give up on this issue as they have until 2013 to pilot and 2016 to fully implement!!!! The drama is with this GRANT of a pot of money in the 42 mil. The grant is part of an Act of congress prior to 2010 election. It is not a law to change the evaluation system to hold teachers to random classroom student's test scores, only a responsibility after taking the handout to follow the Act and grant requirements. If they don't take the GRANT (cash) we can get this issue off the table. Note: some districts are not in the list on the ISBE site. U46 Elgin, Naperville 204/204, Plainfield, Oswego, etc etc... Check out the breakdown of the cash from this grant.....CPS would only lose a few mil of the 42 mil cut. How much have they lost on the strike? No handouts...Rahm get the money from somewhere else and we will expose the handout you are taking from Quinn as he had to beg DC as he shattered the IL economy. So Pres. Obama is in a rock and a hard place. Most of the CTU line are his voters and he used this Act as a cornerstone of his term. WHAT A PIECE OF ______ Legislation. Did NCLB cause strikes like this.... Wait until the Dist.s who took the handout start to follow.

Anonymous on the Line wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Understood but don'tcompare

Can't compare union to union and pay when education levels for these workers top that of some white collar Dr.s etc.

So CPS and Rahm are fighting the last hang up with "Our" Karen and us---the evaluation process and tying of student scores to the teacher evaluations......We are fighting a huge money issue as Rahm and Quin and G Chicco applied and took a portion of the Obama/Duncan "Race to the top" Grant money and agreed to this system. Notice that not all school districts took this money. We need to fight but how will we contest this when it's not in the news.

Rahm and the City are losing more in taxpayer money over forcing us to strike than they'll get from this grant!!!!!! If we say No to Quin's grant money we can get this Evaluation off the table

Obviously Rham and Brizzard will not give up on this issue as they have until 2013 to pilot and 2016 to fully implement!!!!This dram is with this GRANT of a pot of money in the 42 mil. If they don't take the GRANT (cash) we can get this issue off the table. Note some districts are not in the list on the ISBE site. U46 Elgin, etc... No handouts...Rahm get the money from somewhere else and we will expose the handout you are taking from Quinn as he had to beg DC

Anonymous wrote 2 years 17 weeks ago

Im sure i wld do as good as

Im sure i wld do as good as you if not better. But im not wrong... you are... pensions are 100% taxdollar paid... $.71 of every dollar on education is spent towards them... that is not right... robs our children and our future. Cps and ctu should stand in solidarity for our children and take fiscal responsibility and TAKE PAYCUTS... along with everyone else in the private sector because THERE IS NO MORE $ ... we are further harming the future paying for all the demands. And your whoa is me saga is old.... come to a southside warehouse or some hospitals and work fulltime... no cushy holidays, no a/ summer off... no benefits... i think you wld be crawling, begging for your old position.... i can only imagine that you maybe of the nintendo or FB instant satisfaction... low work ethic yet deep sense of undeserved entitlement generation?a - Who wouldnt know a hard day of work ever?why doesnt CTU put individual salaries plus cost of benefits on those signs so all the rest of the unknowing people without internet access can see what the real deal is?

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