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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

U of C charter students honor Trayvon Martin

High school students from the University of Chicago Charter School in Woodlawn marched from their campus to 63rd Street and University Avenue Wednesday morning for an assembly in remembrance of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teen who was shot and killed by a self-described neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Florida. (Photo story)

The young men who organized the event recited poems and talked about how the shooting affected them, then spoke about their career goals and named the colleges that they plan to attend.  Afterward, the group raised their hoodies, which have become a symbol of support for Martin, who was wearing a hoodie when he was killed.

Senior Tevin Jones, one of the student leaders of the planning team, said the march was a way to focus attention on the issues raised by Martin’s death. “We thought about how we [as young black men] are victimized because of our appearance,” said Jones, who plans to study engineering at Morehouse College.

Photos by Grantlin Banks.


I Am Trayvon Martin wrote 2 years 39 weeks ago

Go Warriors!

Go Warriors!

Anonymous wrote 2 years 39 weeks ago
Ms. Martin wrote 2 years 39 weeks ago

So proud to see some of my

So proud to see some of my former students standing up for justice! Keep up the good work guys!

Asst. Dean wrote 2 years 39 weeks ago
Chay wrote 2 years 39 weeks ago

Great idea!

The middle school students were involved too! My son was involed as well who is a middle school student. I was glad to see the school involved and keep the students abreast of social issues in the news now!

concerned wrote 2 years 39 weeks ago

baby shot

We also need them to march for the one year old baby that was shot in the head sleeping in her room.

Chris wrote 2 years 38 weeks ago

What about protesting about

What about protesting about the gang-bangers who are giving the young black males a bad reputation? Almost all the black teenage murders are caused by other young black teenagers!

xian wrote 2 years 38 weeks ago

I believe that's not true

I would guess that most youth shot are shot by young adults who have left the school system. That's been my experience with the beloved students taken from our classes.

If we had a system that nurtured students instead of pushing them out; that taught them useful skills instead of drilling them constantly, we could alleviate this problem.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 37 weeks ago

This is a non-CPS independent

This is a non-CPS independent charter school that supports student accountability/responsibility.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 36 weeks ago

The Woodlawn Charter School

The Woodlawn Charter School is a CPS school.

Anonymous wrote 2 years 36 weeks ago

A Non CPS Charter School

The University of Chicago Urban Education Institute manages the University of Chicago Charter School. The Institute is led by Timothy Knowles, John Dewey Director. Linda Wing is the Director of Schools and Community Engagement.

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