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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

In the News: Half of high schoolers flunk state tests

About half of Illinois public high school students flunked state exams in reading, math and science this year, the worst performance in the history of the 11th-grade Prairie State Achievement Examination, statewide test results show, the Tribune reported this morning. 

The record-low results, scheduled to be released Thursday, come after Illinois closed loopholes that kept academically weak juniors from taking the exams, a practice revealed in a 2009 Tribune analysis.

Chicago Public Schools Superintendent, Jean-Claude Brizard will present the keynote address Thursday to more than 130 education leaders and museum donors during the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center's inaugural Exelon Anti-Bullying Forum. Brizard’s speech will focus on bullying prevention and will provide action steps administrators can implement in school districts around the area. The forum will identify the consequences of bullying and will provide educators with the tools needed to create respectful and supportive learning environments. (WTTW)

Chicago teachers are protesting, but are they being heard? (Medill Reports)

Oak Park Elementary District 97 failed to meet federal No Child Left Behind Benchmarks in three subgroups, the first time the district as a whole did not meet “adequate yearly progress.” (Trib Local)

A letter writer responds to Tribune editorial that asks why the Chicago Teachers Union is fighting to protect collective bargaining rights. "The Tribune is trying to frame this as a fight for student rights, but the mayor has already won this battle in Springfield," the writer says. "The extended school day will begin next year without a pay raise or a salary increase for teachers. What is the purpose of accelerating the process by a few months, except to humiliate and crush the union? There is none."


In Munster, Ind., a school system turned to laptops and interactive computer programs in a million-dollar digital makeover that included a rental laptop for every student. (The New York Times)

The Detroit Federation of Teachers says numerous Detroit Public School students are in classes with too many children — in violation of the union's contract — because of fluctuating enrollment and delayed teacher assignments. (The Detroit News)

Occupy movement rallies at L.A. school district headquarters. (Los Angeles Times)

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