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The race for City Hall

Jobs and schools promise to be top issues in next year’s city elections. The mayor’s education agenda faces its toughest test in the African-American communities that gave him strong support in 2011.

In the News: CTU announces aldermanic choices; teachers' colleges balk at grading plan

The 30,000-member Chicago Teachers Union announced it is backing 25 aldermanic candidates in the City Council races.

The 30,000-member Chicago Teachers Union announced it is backing 25 aldermanic candidates in the City Council races. The list includes incumbents Robert Fioretti (2nd Ward), Pat Dowell (3rd Ward), Leslie Hairston (5th Ward), Freddrenna Lyle (6th Ward), Michelle Harris (8th Ward), Tony Foulkes (15th Ward), Latasha Thomas (17th Ward), Ricardo Munoz (22nd Ward), Jason Ervin (28th Ward), Ariel Reboyras (30th Ward), Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward), and Joe Moore (49th Ward). Hip-hop artist
Che "Rhymefest" Smith, who is in a battle with Ald. Willie Cochran in the 20th Ward, won the union's backing, as did Marc Kaplan, one of 11 candidates vying to replace Helen Shiller in the 46th Ward. CTU President Karen Lewis said,  “This is our year to elect a City Council that throws out its rubber stamp and becomes a deliberative body again. 
We have to work day and night so that we have a new City Council that hears educators’, parents’ and students’ message loud and clear: improve our neighborhood schools now.” (press release)

Bernhard Moos Elementary will host a "Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools" event this morning, as part of an initiative by Chiquita Brand International and The United Fresh Produce Association Foundation to provide Chicago Public Schools with 10 salad bars. The event is one of several CPS is planning on the first anniversary of first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative to fight childhood obesity. (CPS press release)

Days after a travel restriction was ordered amid Chicago Public Schools' $700 million budget shortfall, 14 educators were sent on an all-expenses-paid paid trip to a resort and spa in Las Vegas. The $15,000 trip occurred last year just days after the school system ordered a travel restriction, according to CBS Chicago. Chicago Public Schools is launching an investigation. (Business Insider)

In the nation

The magazine Education Next came up with 41 contenders for best education book of the decade and asked its readers to vote. "Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons from Chicago" came in eighth. Written by former and current researchers at the Consortium on Chicago School Research, the book provides a detailed analysis of why 100 elementary schools made extraordinary progress in attendance and achievement over a seven-year period and why 100 others did not. Diane Ravitch's "The Death and Life of the Great American School System" came in first by a wide margin, pulling in 22 percent of the vote, more than double the next book in line.

A Catalyst Conversation with Diane Ravitch from Catalyst Chicago on Vimeo.

Wisconsin's largest teachers union called for the Milwaukee school district to be broken up into smaller districts, for tying teacher pay to performance and for instituting a statewide evaluation system that would force poor performers out of their jobs. (LaCrosse Tribune)

U.S. News & World Report is planning to give A through F grades to more than 1,000 teachers’ colleges, and many of the schools are unhappy, complaining the system is unfair.  (The New York Times)

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Thank you Catalyst wrote 3 years 40 weeks ago

In the News: CTU announces aldermanic choices; teachers' college

You brave ladies to have Ms. Ravitch here. I know a few Chicago charters and have found them to be about how much money they get per student and which students they will put out. Charters clearly have turned out to be a bad influence on Chicago neighborhood schools. This is required viewing for Rep. Eddy et al and the next mayor. Rahm wants more charters and Chico wants vouchers!

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