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December, 2002

Special education students in Chicago are disproportionately enrolled at low-performing high schools on the West and South Sides. These schools are overwhelmed and often unable to provide students with the services they need. Conversely, selective high schools are admitting relatively few special needs children despite mandates from the district and federal court to do so. In fact, such schools are attracting top performing students away from neighborhood schools, which are then left with a concentration of special education students. This fall, special education enrollment in CPS high schools ranges from 3 percent to 40 percent of incoming freshmen.

November, 2002

Many children who have been in the child welfare system, who are more likely to have difficulty in school, are concentrated in schools in the poorest neighborhoods on the South and West sides, a joint analysis by Catalyst and The Chicago Reporter shows. These children are likely to attend the system’s worst high schools, and few graduate. Schools get few, if any, extra resources to address the academic and emotional needs of these children.

October, 2002

In June 2001, Catalyst published the first in a series of periodic reports on the experiences of nine African-American and Latino students who had their sights set on a college degree. In this issue, we cap off these personal reports with the results of a survey of 350 minority students from Chicago who are enrolled in a wide variety of four-year institutions. The survey was conducted by the Metro Chicago Information Center. The entire project was conducted in cooperation with Future Teachers of Chicago/Illinois, under a grant from The Joyce Foundation.

September, 2002

No Child Left Behind

June, 2002

CPS Teacher Training

May, 2002

The New Regime

April, 2002

Chicago Reading Initiative

March, 2002

Energizing LSCs

February, 2002