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How To Change A Transcript?

The news is full of allegations that someone at Simeon HS changed Derrick Rose's transcript -- and then changed it back after copies had been sent to Memphis. 

Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose at center of Memphis NCAA probe Chicago Tribune

A Chicago Public Schools

source said Thursday that a grade on Rose's high school transcript was

changed from a D to a C by someone at Simeon Career Academy in the

final semester of his senior year.

Derrick Rose's grade was changed at Simeon High Chicago Sun-Times

A teacher handed Derrick Rose a "D"

in the last semester of his senior year at Simeon High School.

My question is -- who would be in a position to do that -- a teacher, a clerk, a principal, or just about anyone?  And, even more interesting to me, how would they do it?  Is it easy breezy, or complicated like computer hacking?  Is it common, or rare?


not just rose wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

today's suntimes editorial page points out that it was not just rose who got his transcripts changed, and that most of the kids who were passed ended up dropping out or in jail,CST-EDT-edit29a.article

- alexander

1.04 wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?


I have had the pleasure of knowing several living legends in my
40+ years in the CPS. OB as we called him was one.
Some day George I would like to buy you a beer and talk about him.

easy as pie/ ask the ag school wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

How to change the transcripts?
Easy. Just change the grade scale first.
Then there is no need.
All pass. With great grades.
Ask the Ag School.

George N Schmidt wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

When teachers at King High School blew the whistle on the grade changing there under Landon Cox (which we reported in Substance at the time), Cox stayed and within two years all of the teacher whistle blowers had been driven out of the school.

Most of those teachers ended their careers in the classroom.

Cox's final days were spent as part of the $100,000 Club, which is now reflected in his lucrative pension.

Nothing changed under corporate "school reform" except for the worse when the basketball player became CEO without any education experience. For four years, Lonzie O'Bannon tried to blow the whistle on the messes (that's a plural) at Simeon (both the old and new building). For his trouble, he watched CPS drive him off the Simeon LSC. Others have also challenged Simeon during the same years, for multiple problems, and failed.

I remember Michael Scott singing the praises of Simeon's leaders back in the day when Lonzie was trying to get an audit of the school's internal accounts.

Nothing's changed, Cox to Scott, Vallas to Duncan. The PR BS has just gotten thicker and smellier.

The spirit of Sonny Cox lives wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

24.7 ......That is the only number I care about. That was his average in the playoffs. Can you say M-V-P next year?? Who cares what he did at Simeon? Show him the money!

1.04 wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?


Rose now wears red
Simeon wears blue
What color is Memphis?
We have not a clue

Mr. Rose went to a career academy/Simeon Vocational
High School. It is the mission of such schools to provide
Career education.
Where was the outrage when he went to college instead of work?
Apparently Simeon taught him how to shoot hoop well enough to be
The best player in the world come draft day.
Well done Warehouse Pimps!!!
Anyone who ever had to deal with IMPACT knows how easy it is
For a person with the password to do almost anything.
Vastly more important is who changed the grades back?
Or perhaps it took that system a month to get it right.

LV wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

It is very easy to change grades, especially at the high school level. I have had the case manager at my school go to the regular education and change the grade from a F to D. I gave the student a F due to truancy. The case manager had it changed because she told the mom the student was graduating. I believe that the majority of CPS doesn't abuse the grade policy. However, there are a few bad apples that spoil it for everyone.

it is easy to change a grade wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

and schools do this way too often, especially high schools. There is even more pressure now to change them, since CPS is really looking at freshmen failure rates and principals and schools get 'scored' on this data. Do not forget, it is not only athletes--LSC members' children get this benefit too. In one case at my school, our principal found out about the illegal change. The LSC drove her out for making the teacher change the grade back from a passing one, when the LSC member's child had indeed failed the class. The teacher who illegally changed the grade was on the LSC as well. The poor woman did not have a chance after that.

Steve wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

It depends on when the grade was changed. But considering CPS just recently switched to Gradebook and other digital records, it would have been easy to change Rose's grade prior to it being entered into the system being used back then. I figure just about anyone in the main office, a teacher, or administrator could do it. But considering it was changed from a D to a C....? I know D is failing, but he obviously put some work into the course. Don't see what the big deal is. That said, pro sports do nothing to inspire better qualities in youth, I'd be happy to see a few 'stars' suffer.

Samuri wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

Not all schools Change A Transcript.

It is important that the people at Simeon are addressed/disciplined, but let's face it, adminsitrators have the authority to change grades if warranted, and they should have this authority but should not abuse it. I speak as a former school administrator who changed grades when teachers requested it due to work completed by the student. I believe that the violaters are few and a very small percentage of the CPS schools are dishonest. Most schools are doing the right thing. CPS is 3rd largest system in the country, and has a thriving, scholarship wielding athletic program. I know that athletes grades are monitored by the athletic director and the central office sports department. Sports is a motivational tool that gives balance to students along with life skills and alternatives to violence. Lets just hope that the adults are practicing good character like the new program in sports I've been hearing about. Derrick Rose is the victim. It's the adults who must be addresed.

easy or hard to do? wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

but is it easy or hard to do, and is it common or rare in your experience at your school (or schools)?

is there any auditing or flagging to check changed grades, or sign-off needed to make changes after the fact?

how many people in a school can do this?

To DOC wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

It's being investigated now because it's part of the Memphis scandal -- whether or not they allowed an unqualified player to play.

If grade-changing is a problem districtwide, it puts into question a lot of kids' credentials as they go to college -- if you can't trust what's on the transcript, it delegitimizes a lot of work. Also, if one kid works really hard to get a C and another just gets it fudged because of who he is, it says to the first kid "why try? only influence matters, not hard work." Honestly, I think ti's that mindset that gets kids into gangs -- they're like "well, what i do doesn't matter, but who i am does", which is exactly the message we send to them.

Because wrote 5 years 32 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

Why are investigations being done now? Because what CPS schools are doing is fundamentally wrong and needs to be stopped. Kids are being shortchanged so that the adults can bask in the glory of the athletic achievements. They are student atheletes, not athelete students.

DOC wrote 5 years 33 weeks ago

And ??

The point of all this is what?
He's in the NBA now, why are investigations being done now?

sun times editorial wrote 5 years 33 weeks ago

How To Change A Transcript?

the sun times thinks it's pretty common: [url=,CST-EDT-edit29a.article new=true]here[/url]

"the sad truth, we are told by teachers and coaches, is that Simeon is by no means the only Chicago public high school that shoves aside academic standards for the sake of winning sports teams. The whole system of academic eligibility in high school sports, they say, is like the Wild West.",CST-EDT-edit29a.article

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